John Early Sings Britney Spears Giáng sinh Âm nhạc


Ngôi sao của 'Search Party' có một ấn tượng đáng kể về Britney Spears 'ít hơn Giáng sinh not-hit nổi tiếng. Đăng ký "The Late Show" …


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  1. Look, I'm not going to lie… I had no idea who this guy was. I clicked on the thumbnail because it was Colbert, but I saw the guy and thought, "…Why am I thinking of Viktor Nikiforov?" And then Stephen's all, "You look like a Russian dancer," and I snorted milk out my nose. I'm not even mad.

    However, the best Christmas tunes of the 90s came from Hanson's album 'Snowed In'. I am completely sincere when I say it remains one of my all-time favourite Christmas albums to date. So, he gets a mark off for taste in this single matter.

  2. He makes me hate myself for being gay. To be clear, I have no problem with him, iv'e seen this before, but I just hate the idea that all the guys in the audience feel alienated by the way he is. Whenever I'd be around my straight male friends and we encounter a flamboyant person i just want to say "take it out on him, not me. I'm not like that."

  3. I love John and he’s amazing in Search Party, but I need him to get to the punchlines quicker. Whenever he’s doin his bits, he’ll start to ramble on too long.

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