Late Show "Star Wars" độc quyền: Cha mẹ của Rey


Chương trình Late Show phá vỡ tin tức chính từ một thiên hà xa, cách xa một cuộc phỏng vấn với mẹ và bố của Rey. Theo dõi kênh "The Late Show" …


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  2. Wonder if the writers even know that the whole Life Day is Star Wars version of christmas came from Auralnauts parody series or if they are just following the bandwagon jokes.

  3. I don't like Rey or the black guy. Not being racist or sexist. I just prefer the old days. I feel like Star Wars gave into extreme political correctness. It's a turn off. I will not be going to see it in theaters. Maybe I'll stream a copy online eventually but I will not spend my money on this rubbish.

  4. Honestly, I don't really care who Rey's folks are, the extended universe I loved is gone and this is just popcorn filler. I mean they could say anyone is her parents and make up some story, hell they could just say Luke and Leia were actually triplets and Rey's Mom/Dad was the third hidden one, or she was a miracle birth like Anakin.

    To me it's like the Game of Thrones series after the books ended, they can do what ever they want, but I'm more curious about what will happen in the books, that to me would be cannon.

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