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Chúa của bạn bị ấn tượng bởi một phép lạ được kéo bởi con molester con của bạn. Đăng ký theo "Kênh cuối chương trình" TẠI ĐÂY: Dành cho …


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  1. I JUST called Mitch McConnell and called him despicable! And now, YOU can too! Call your friends! Call your enemies! Tell them what's up with republicans trying to SLIME their tax giveaway to their DONORS by voting on it before DOUG JONES has a chance to be seated!!! Call your SENATORS and representatives and call THEM despicable!!! It's fun! And it will make them accountable for IGNORING THE SPECIAL ELECTION RESULTS …… Be polite! Be cool! Be really really pissed off AND CALL!!! BETTER to be PISSED OFF now, and stop the middle-class crushing tax fraud bill, than to be PISSED ON by republicans and their filthy rich donors!!!! If they vote the tax bill, and take away food benefits to kids, they'll have to get food SOMEWHERE, and I hear that wealthy republican donors taste LIKE CHICKEN!!!!!! Peep! Peep! Squawk! Polly wanna republican?

  2. I remember when Late night shows were actually somewhat funny. Thirteen months later and Stephen the sucky baby little ass is still crying like a little bitch LMFAO!!!!!

  3. Sore loser. If you believe god has an impact on who is in power, don't do it when it's convenient. If god is in control, then he said clearly you are not fit.

  4. Yay! Democrats can win an election if they:

    perpetrate the worst fake smear campaign in U.S. History (Imagine, for a moment, if Roy Moore, in fact, did NOT do any of those things, because A: he hasn't been charged with any crimes B: no one said a word about any of these allegations for 35 years, C: the one lady purporting he actually committed an illegal act later admitted lying on live TV, and wasn't believed by anyone, including her relatives, who knew her at the time… wouldn't that be horrible? If Moore, in fact, DIDN'T do any of these things?)

    pay people $50 each to vote for them

    register felons, illegals, and the dead to fraudulently vote

    throw more money than any other election of this type in history, at this election, and just flat out, outspend the other guy.

    buss people in from out of state

    get a liberal judge to authorize deleting all voting records as soon as the votes are counted in order to minimize any investigation into the above.

    And after 'winning' that election, and doing ALL these things to do so, it turns out, Democrats still only win by about a point.

    So, in an HONEST election, you guys would lose by a mile. If there is a recount, you may STILL lose. Americans will REMEMBER this election for a long time to come, and when Democrats try to do ANOTHER smear campaign, most likely, NO ONE will believe you.

  5. Question? What will Moore do when this 'miracle' he is definitely expecting God to perform for him to wonderously change the vote count in his favour..Does not occur?..Will he cover himself in sack cloth and ashes and go forth, with a begging bowl howling and wailing that God has forsaken him? Or will he suddenly appear falling off his horse in the mall, sending all the girls under 16 running for shelter?..Take y' choice folks!

  6. In an interview with a woman representing "Democrats abroad" yesterday, I learned the votes from people out of state/country have not yet been counted. She for one was not voting for a pedophile.

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