Trang chủ Google của CIA


Giống như Alex Jones hiện đại của ông, nhà phát thanh Tuck Buckford cảm thấy nghi ngờ đối với trợ lý ảo, thiết bị điện tử của mình, và ……


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  1. Alex Jones is a sellout tribal hack, but Stephen looks like a moron for mocking the fact that NSA was caught lying to American people? One of the biggest follies of the Obama Admin. Yeah gay marriage was passed! Yeah healthcare, but what happened with Wikileaks and Edward Snowden, Jeeze man that's no joke. They collected meta data, they collected MORE than that. That's not a conspiracy lol it's already happening. Colbert is starting to just make money off of the shitty world and honestly it's Satire but he's making money off of these shitty times. It's fucked up

  2. Your toaster is in on it too! It saw you kill the Keurig Alex so it knows you mean business. Skip just asking questions, go straight to waterboarding it in the bathtub. Preferably while still plugged in.

  3. Very funny segment. And although I despise Alex Jones I must say that his central thesis of the CIA spying on people through listening devices isn't that far off

  4. Jon Stewart once said that 24 hour news networks were causing real problems because they didn't have enough real news content to fill the time and they began sensationalizing fringe weirdos as a way of needlessly finding more news to talk about. You don't really need to be talking about news here, but fueling this pointless fire obviously boosts ratings. This is no longer Comedy Central content and i hope you guys take some responsibility for having an influence on the way people incorrectly think about politics as a sports match instead of a consensus-building exercise with plenty of smart, level-headed people involved

  5. It's like the beginning of 2001, and the monkeys meet the monolith for the first time. Instead, this time the monkeys ask questions while the monolith is programmed with language. They monkeys consistently ask it dumb questions. "No. No. No. Hell no. And…no. Nope. Eff this. I'm out. Good luck trying to contact advanced civilizations for the next million years, dumbasses. PEACE!" rockets ignite as it heads off to space

  6. Craxkkk!!!! I seriously think Alex Jones is some awesome street performer by day who just got into TV and continue his alternate persona….. He's the Andy Kaufman trying to illicit reactions.. not laughter.

  7. So, you're back to thinking everything's fine and the CIA does nothing wrong, despite still having a huge arsenal of attacks that keeps leaking to who knows who? Good luck with that.

  8. I was hoping you'd go for an Google-Home-is-actually-spying-for-the-illuminati-and-aware-Tuck-is-interrogating-it angle, but the singing fish is also pretty funny.

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