Khi dẫn đầu một đoàn xe du lịch vui vẻ khắp Châu Âu, thách thức thực tế của chúng tôi là giữ mọi thứ đúng giờ và mọi người an toàn, hạnh phúc, và được ăn kiêng ….


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  1. When my wife and I first stopped at a stop on the autostrada in Italy, we didn't expect much, but we had a delicious pasta dish. We're not hesitant anymore and we almost always have fine food and top-notch espresso.

  2. Oh boy, I have to agree with a comment from a past video – you have to slow down a bit Rick, stop whizzing the camera around, it is really unsettling, I got a headache in just the short time of this video and I am not one prone to motion sickness. Love the info, just got back from Venice myself using your book only a week ago (newly engaged to boot!), so no "dislikes" here.. but please, slow it down a bit?

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