Ellen có các món quà hoàn hảo cho thú cưng của mình!


Hãy tiến lên phía trước của trò chơi và đừng đợi con vật cưng của bạn để có được một món quà nghỉ! Ellen kiểm tra một số món quà đáng chú ý cho các sinh vật yêu thích của bạn!


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  1. I find it interesting that people who watch Ellen and listen to her everyday say “be kind to one another, ” are not only supporters of the man currently in the White House, but are also in this very comment section making snide remarks about the comment section being turned off for Hillary Clinton’s segments. In addition, these same people are putting UNKIND comments about Hillary here because they can’t do it on the videos that feature her. Goodness gracious people give it a rest!! For all the energy you all put into hating her, you could power a city. Find something worthwhile to do, it’s the holiday season for goodness sake. Fact is, Hillary is and will continue to be a resilient woman who has accomplished a lot. Regardless of all your hatred towards her, it will never change that fact. In the main time while she is soaring, your hatred for her is festering inside of YOU. Not a good look, inside and out. Take stock of your life and reassess your priorities. If all you’ve got to give is vitriol for a woman who has worked hard in her lifetime, then I guess you’ve got a lot to think about. ✌️

  2. Ellen my rude fake assume principal hates me dislike me probably others will 2 kicked me out moved me to another school but I'm quitting school! Drop out drop dead! ????I want to live with a Bae in Los Angeles but I live in 5 hours away from Los Angeles I might suicide on Christmas day I'm so super sad can't take this world anymore

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