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Được thành lập với sự hợp tác và tài trợ của SugarBearHair. ➫ Có được # gấu trúc ở đây: …


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  1. You should try: TIGI Cat Walk oat & honey hair mask, It's amazing, the smell is great and stays in your hair till you wash it again, it leaves your hair supeeer soft and light , shiny as well it's just a must try 🙂

  2. I'm extremely skeptical when it comes to sugar bear hair. The fact that they use artificial coloring just to make it pretty is a downer when it's been proven be harmful to the body so definitely not something I'd want to take long term. Also, when bringing this up on their Facebook page, they deleted messages questioning that ingredient which that in of itself is deceptive which tells me they can't be trusted. Also, I'm skeptical about how nutrients remain alive in the process of making gummies…Generally requires quite a bit of heat. They do get pretty good reviews, but still there are a lot red flags for me. It's a really cool concept though. Maybe a more honest and pure product with this idea will pop up in the near future. ??

  3. Jen you should try my holy grail producy by Wen By Chaz Dean called Sixthirteen Ultra Nourishing Cleansing treatment it works wonders! i buy it at sephora

  4. idk why people are so pressed about her sponsored videos. It was only one product the rest of them were actually the products she has been using. If you don't want to buy sugarbearhair then don't she is not forcing you.

  5. Argan rain shampoo has a great scent to it, but it works well in making my hair feel clean and shiny. I did have to use a bit more than expected with this shampoo to be able to clean my hair. It's a good thing my hair is longer now.

  6. I use moroccanoil hair treatment and I love it. It smells amazing too. I love the smell of the candle "amber and moss" too. So yeah, check it out Jenn! love you

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