Không nên làm gì trong khi Holiday Shopping


Đi đến trung tâm mua sắm trong những ngày nghỉ là khủng khiếp, và Ellen đã đưa ra một số ví dụ hoàn hảo về những gì không nên làm trong thời gian bận rộn nhất của năm.


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  1. man i am a 10 yr old kid and i really wanna meet this people "ellen" "ed sheeren" "charlie puth" and "jake paul" i made a bday wish to meet all of them 3 yr

  2. You can either back up into the stall first and drive forward directly out later, or you drive forward into the stall and back out when you leave. You will eventually have to back out. Just sayin'. And yes, I know Ellen's comment is more directed at those who can't park.

  3. I see this all the time. I back in cause my pick up has sensors in the bumper so I can park real close. so other people start backing in too. it amazes me so many people will follow me like ducks. so many stupid people in this world.

  4. the second video is actually made at Amsterdam Central station and it is so silly because there are plenty of stairs to go up just 10 meters away from this one…

  5. Her comment about backing up made me kinda sad cuz that's what I know how to do best. It's so much easier and more convenient than forward parking

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