Christmas Party – SNL


Gene (Kevin Hart) được ông chủ của vợ (Leslie Jones) tổ chức tại một bữa tiệc với bạn bè (Cecily Strong, Kenan Thompson, Beck Bennett, Aidy …


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  1. So how ironically hilarious that in this video Liberals are showing the world how sexual deviant black people are and the fact that they are thoughtless and steal other people's stuff! So it's also teaching the white people to not complain when black people steal their stuff! Talk about black theology education! SNL is pathetic

  2. The continued emasculation of males by liberal hollywood. If you libtards don't see what's going on here, you've got your head too far buried in the sand.

  3. They can never find any good writers to make Blacks funny on SNL ..white people only want to see us acting GETTO…they find that shit funny….but this was horrible…

  4. As a black man I found this skit hilarious. The social commentary on black relationships is so real. He is beaten down by his wife but he is the boss at work. There is a message here but it is missing something.

  5. The only part of this I found truly funny was when Kevin said they were his employees. Plus, I am a fan of Leslie Jones so I feel she should be advised to quit playing the parts of abusive women, for the sake of her own image.

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