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Bạn nhận được gì từ người phụ nữ làm Giáng sinh cho Giáng sinh? Sự quyến rũ của Pandora. #SNL # SNL43 Nhận thêm SNL: http: // …


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  1. “ and once you bought a pandora bracelet, you can get her one of those whatever’s for every occasions for the rest of her natural life” ? ?‍♂️ can you say dick move? ?‍♂️

  2. I know the feeling. My grandparents spent 3 years trying to give me a charm for each birthday/Christmas. Unfortunately the charms they got me usually had almost nothing to do with things I like and were always about fashion and makeup. I do appreciate that the charms were expensive (they weren’t from Pandora, but they were still probably pretty expensive) and I felt really bad that I never wore the bracelet, but I don’t like bracelets much and this one didn’t represent my personality at all. It took 3 years of my parents telling them that I didn’t want charms for my grandparents to finally realize that I never wore them and stopped trying to buy them for me. I wonder if they were actually a subliminal message that my grandparents wished I would start paying more attention to fashion and makeup…

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