Kevin Hart Stand-Up Monologue – SNL


Host Kevin Hart explains why he was unsure about having a third child and bets the fathers in the audience they’ve all done this one thing. #SNL…


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  1. So tiger cheats on his wife and the media/public shunned him, but when Kevin hart does it , he gets to host snl? And then he goes tells the same jokes but a different story, same punchlines .

  2. If half of you people dictated what others found funny, we wouldn't go to see s*** in the theaters or try to even see it online.

    It would just be purposefully unfunny garbage that you whiny little hipster losers like.

  3. Why, exactly, is Kevin Hart being blasted for this? He’s a comedian. He plays off stereotypes like the working father and stay-at-home mom. But it’s all in good fun and isn’t anything to get upset about.

    Now my parents were like he described (mom stays at home taking care of the kids, dad works all day), and my Dad was the fun one to play with and do things with because he worked a lot and we didn’t spend a lot of time with him and we liked “guy time”. They watched it and both got a kick out of it, and Mom didn’t find it offensive. So, like, chill out.


  4. Hey guys! I'm a new YouTuber and I use my channel to poke fun at "basic"/"popular" YouTubers by over-exaggerating things. It'd mean a lot if you could check out my parody of the best Christmas gifts for your best friend:

    Or my How (not) To Get The Perfect Hair Bun tutorial:

  5. This just reminded me of the book "Hop on Pop." Haha it rhymes… yeah, but some kids really do just climb and step all over their parents. I know a woman her kids just kind of ram their heads into her abdomen when they're shy or want her attention or just bored. Poor woman gets treated like her kids are trying to re-merge with her.

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