KHÔNG THỰC M MT? (Hành trình cho con bú và Mẹo của tôi) || #MOMTEMBER


Có đau không? Làm ngực của bạn sag? Bạn đã làm đủ sữa? Nuôi con bằng sữa mẹ khiến bạn bị bệnh? Tôi muốn chia sẻ tất cả về kinh nghiệm của tôi cho con bú …


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  1. I was recently put on antibiotics and the same day.. my period came…. I️ was told to pump and dump. So I️ve been doing that but 2 days later my milk dropped. I️ only get drops or an ounce within 30 mins. Very annoyed but I guess I just have to wait it out and keep pumping.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I love your honest opinions. I’m having my first baby soon and your experience of the good and the bad really make me less anxious.

  3. Yp. .I njyd feeding my baby…luckily I was like flooded wd milk so that my baby grown-up properly. .thank to go…actually I fed my neighbour's baby as she was suffering just like u the baby was crying so much that I could not stop myself nd fed the baby…

  4. I'm feeding my 1month old exclusively now but I couldn't for a long time and I felt the pressure from the hospital which was very pro breastfeeding. I felt like a complete failure and beat myself up inside too. It's a little better now, though it's not easy and I really hope I can say the same thing about breastfeeding like u in a years time 🙂 Thanks again for a great video.

  5. Omg! I gave birth a week ago and it was exactly how it went for me! On top of that my mom was not really helpful or nice about the whole situation, telling me that I should give up on breastfeeding already and go for the formula…. that i am starving her grandchild 🙁 Thank you so much for sharing! It feels less lonely! I would love to breastfeed exclusively for at least 6 months, but im ok with supplementing meanwhile.

  6. For being in health care in US, i'm so sorry about your new mom experiences. I understand how much pressure there is in breastfeeding your child ? I've seen many new mothers cry and feel like they're a failure. It's a common feeling You talked about this very well! Good job mama!

  7. Thanks for sharing this! I am a mom who breastfed for 18 months as well as working full time. It was very difficult in the beginning and I feel really proud of myself that I was able to breastfeed this long. I feel it is the faith and determination in my mind that drove me to accomplish this whole journey successfully. When breastfeeding becomes a natural and routine thing to do, I just feel that it is also difficult to stop, and I really enjoyed the intimacy with my baby. Throughout the whole process, I feel more attached to my baby and it built up a strong connection with him. It also made me feel the importance of being a mom. Breastfeeding is a meaningful thing to do and it definitely benefited my baby and mom in terms of health and relationship.

  8. I love your video Jen! You made me cry ??? as soon as you said you met your goal. I breastfeed my daughter to 16months, my goal was 12 but I loved breastfeeding. I had a really hard time at the start and it took 2weeks for my milk to come in. I felt like I didn't want to let go of all the hard work I went through to get to that point. Then one day my daughter just started to refuse my breast and only wanted cows milk. At that point I felt happy and sad at the same time. Happy that we didn't have to go through the process of stopping breastfeed and sad about no longer having the bond we shared while breastfeeding. ❤️❤️❤️ love your videos. Keep up the good work ???

  9. If the baby is not lethargic and is responsive and happy, it's OK if the baby loses more than 10%. Your body knows what your baby needs. Also, if you had an IV during labor, your baby's body absorbs it too and its birth weight is exaggerated, which means that they may not be losing as much weight as the scale says at the ped's office. Hope this was helpful!

  10. Thank you for sharing your journey. I am in week 2 of breastfeeding after being in the nicu. So we are transitioning from bottle back to breast. Not easy but so rewarding. I appreciate your honesty and knowing that I have a reminder to just trust my body

  11. thank goodness for your momtember series. i myself am a new mom. my little princess comes to this world on september 14th. this series really help me feel like i am not alone in this new motherhood journey. as a new mom, it is really stressful especially with the breastfeeding, the scars and body that hasn't been fully recovered yet as well as the sleepless nights. but like you say in this video, i know all of this will be worth the efforts. a happy and healthy baby is what we all want and that is the greatest reward as a mom 🙂

  12. I'm 9 days into motherhood and just had my first tear filled day with feeding due to low supply. I immediately jumped on YouTube for tips and tricks from other mamas and found your channel. Immediately subscribed ❤️ thank you for sharing

  13. Thanks for sharing first of all.. when my son was born, I battled postpartum depression, a pretty ugly one..
    i did try to breastfeed though.. for 2 months i did the very best I could.. it wasn't easy with the depression.. my milk just wouldn't come in and part of it was to blame on the fact that my son couldn't latch on.. or if he did he would get angry or frustrated because he wasn't getting enough.. he's born a big baby.. to this day when he's hungry, he needs to eat immediately or else.. so thats how i landed in this vicious cirkel where I kept feeling worse and more useless every day.. it got so bad that I thought of removing myself from the equation.. I would get extreme suicidal thoughts. That's when I said enough is enough..

    Now I'm pregnant the second time around and your video just gave me a little hope.. thanks..

  14. Mine got smaller and the ones of all my friends as well haha I thought they would get bigger but nop. They are way smaller and I have been breastfeeding for 10 months :/
    I also got dry skin so hungry so thirsty and I lost so much weight and I am now underweight cuz I just gained 10 lb during pregnancy and my baby was 6 lb

    . It's been so hard going home in the breaks to breastfeed and literally run to get on time 🙁 but I feel you.. it is so beautiful so feel that close

  15. I love how honest you are in your videos! I'm no where near having a baby or anything but watching and hearing your stories about pregnancy and all the changes in your body has really educated me and made me appreciate my mom and other mothers out there even more. Thank you for sharing your pregnancy journey with us, I feel like many of your advices will become useful for me somewhere far away in the future! ❤

  16. Not everyone loses weight while breastfeeding. Your have good genes. My weight has been unchanged since 3 weeks post giving birth and I am almost 7 months post partum. It's frustrating to see all this fat that supposedly should just burn off. I am back to good old exercise.

  17. thank you for making this video Jen! <3 I am almost 38 weeks pregnant now and planning to breastfeed my baby too. I hope I am strong enough to sacrifice for my baby like you. Aria is super cute and I love to watch both of you.

  18. Thank you for sharing! I love your honesty. It is incredible what the female body can do to ensure the health of a baby. The video has been very informative and I am looking forward to my first breastfeeding experience. I hope it is a positive one as well!

  19. Jen I just wanted to say thank you so much for these stories!! I'm an adopted Chinese woman, and though I'm not considering babies yet, I literally have NO ONE to go to within my family who has the same body type as me as my family is Caucasian. My mother obviously never gave birth, as both me and my sister are adopted. I feel like I'm learning so much that I NEVER would have known about pregnancy, like the fact that some women just can't breastfeed? Or that labor can last days???
    Your extremely personal and brave journey is shedding so much light on questions I've had about the possibility of having my own child one day that have been in the dark. Thank you so much!!! <3 <3

  20. I'm so scared ? I'm 20 weeks and just grew into a DDD. I don't want boobs down to my knees when my milk comes in! I guess it's time to get over the embarrassment now!

  21. I had a c-section and my milk didn't come in till day 5, my baby weighed 6 pounds and she was small and losing weight so I had to supplement. I have big boobs and my nipples aren't very prominent so she had a very hard time latching on she'd get so frustrated and I start getting frustrated and I just end up giving her formula. I have tried pumping and just absolutely hated it, I was hooked up to all these bottles and wires and my baby would start to cry and I would have to take off everything and start over again and it just wasn't for me. I kept on trying to breastfeed for about 2 months, my baby unfortunately has colic so trying to get her to latch while she' screaming her lungs out is just a nightmare. The slightest changes I would make in my diet made her more fussy so I was so conscious about everything I ate. The combination of my milk and formula made her colic worst so one day I just decided to stop.. She's now takes special colic formula in her Dr Brown bottles and she's happier than ever 🙂 and so am I!

  22. The same things happened to me, none of my friends or coworkers share these things with me, since then I am not afraid to share my experiences with my friends that are 1st time mommies

  23. I think it's so interesting and fascinating to hear these stories about your early motherhood experiences. I watched your first video for momtember and now this one and I want to say thank you for sharing this extremely personal stuff with us. I'm not a mom but I appreciate it all the same. I think it can help a lot of other women in similar situations, so thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  24. Hi Jen, I'm usually one of those silent viewers that wish to stay anonymous but seriously, I can't help but comment on this video (and after watching all of your preggy playlists in sequence) how thankful I am for your sharing these really honest and down to earth stories. I'm learning so much about what I will be going through in the next several months and the following months post-partum. Keep these stories coming, Jen. You're awesome!

  25. To be honest, I was afraid to watch this video. I was afraid that I would see someone I look up to, and care for in pain. However, I am pleasantly surprised that your heart and mind were strong in that time of change. My experience was different in most aspects except the tiring feedings, constant hunger, and close call with mastitis. I felt really alone in my time of breastfeeding my first child. I was in a relationship where I was used sexually. And breastfeeding while having that part of my body abused sexually by someone I trusted, hurt a lot. And my experience suffered because of it. I cried every time I fed. And most BF moms know how often that happens. CONSTANTLY. I was wrecked and confused. But I successfully fed for about 10 months and happily deemed my little one healthy enough to start semi solid foods and formula. I shouldn't have felt guilty at the time, but I did. And it's important for moms to understand that being unable to breastfeed does NOT mean your body is failing. 

    Thank you, in the kindest regards, for sharing <3

  26. Thanks for sharing this video. There's so much pressure put on moms to breastfeed and if you don't you seem to have failed motherhood. Sometimes I'm even afraid to share I bf my kids especially when my friends seem to have difficulty. I'm really not a bf snob! Lol

  27. Great video, Jen! I'm not a mom myself (nor plan to be one), but I love this series and your candidness about topics that are hard to ask questions about.

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