Colonia Juarez Hướng dẫn W / ALANXELMUNDO | MEXICO CITY


Alex & Marko khám phá Colonia Juarez ở Mexico City với vlogger du lịch Alan Estrada – Alanxelmundo! Cách đây 100 năm, Colonia Juarez là người …


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  1. Great video, love the Common People boutique shop. Btw, it's not "odd wines" rather, "rare wines" 😉 Keep up the awesome work! I'll be in CDMX this Christmas break and using your videos as guides!

  2. speak·eas·y(during Prohibition) an illicit liquor store or nightclub.durante la Prohibición) una licorería o discoteca ilícita.bootlegger = contrabandista de licores

  3. My México. I stopped caring for you a long time ago. Now, here I am falling in love with you again. I live in a very expensive city in Southern Ca. but people are not so friendly, kind of narrow minded. They think Irvine is the center of the universo.

  4. Vaga brothers! What song is at the beginning of this video?! 0:16 to 1:33. I have tried to Shazam it and it either doesn't show up because it's only short pieces of the song or it just can't find it… maybe it's a remix or something.. I've watched the beginning of this video probably 30+ times haha

  5. Great video! I will be visiting in late October, early November. Will the weather be just as nice as it was in this video? Or should I bring sweaters and jackets?

  6. Me dio mucha tristeza que este tan descuidado todo, lleno de rayones por todas partes, cuando fui hace 5 meses me tocó muy sucia la ciudad 🙁

  7. I am a Spanish High School teacher and use your videos to show my students what Mexico truly is about culturally. You two really do a great job and love that you don't curse during filming or when you hardly do, you bleep it. Nice job Vaga Bros.!!! Wish I could do what you do…

  8. Well done. I love Mexico City and you managed to make it even more amazing than I remember. It made me think about going back soon. On the downside, envy set in with increasing strength as watched each consecutive video. Jealousy sucks, I was tempted to write a negative comment. Why?

  9. On minute 1:49 he says about Juarez neigborhood and shows the Revolution monumnt that is on Tabacalera neighbohood !! And on the 2:22 he shows already buildings that are in Centro not in Juarez. and most restaurants and businesses they show are beyond most Mexicans pockets, so not real Mexico city…

  10. I'd like to know the cost of places you visited. Maybe the cost of your breakfast or where you stayed, even some of the places you toured throughout your videos in Mexico City. Curious and trying to plan a summer trip for me and my teenage son! 🙂

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