Jenn Goes To Coachella 2017


Tôi biết. Tôi biết. Video này là SUPER muộn, nhưng cuối cùng tôi đã viếng thăm Coachella của tôi. Đây là Coachella thứ tư của tôi và đi đến lễ hội này là …


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  1. NIce video~ What kind of camera did you Record? 제발^^ 코첼라 가려고 검색하다가 보게되었어여, 영상 어떤걸로 찍었는지 알려주실수 있을까여? 영상 너무 잘봤습니다

  2. DJ Shadow is phenomenal. I got to see him and Cut Chemist spin Afrika Bambaataa's record collection (y'know, the one that's in the Smithsonian Museum)…so many turntables, so much rhythm! Honestly, best DJ set of my life.

  3. I really love your videos. I'm from Venezuela and right now my country is having a horrible breakdown, and one of the things that makes me forget what is happens outside is watching your videos. You're a truly inspiration of passion and hard work. Keep rocking and shining Jenn.

  4. How did Coachella come to this… you make me so sad. How about go for the music and wear whatever's comfortable to dance in for 3 days in 100 degree weather. huuhhh, rant…. P.S. nobody gives a shit what your wearing when the guy to your left is in a speedo and the guy on your right is on his 2nd eighth of shrooms. Literally nobody will notice you.

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