How Do These Hunks Stack Up in ‘Hubba Hubba Quiz Quiz’?


Ellen’s new favorite trivia game is back with two of America’s hunks, in another edition of “Hubba Hubba Quiz Quiz”!


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  1. I wish I will meet Selena Gomez I'm her biggest fan but is impoosibole.And Ariana they 2 my biggest fans ever.I love them hair theyer eyes,I love them both I see I'll the your videos with them with Selena with some with Ariana IF they come I will huge them I will b crazy I will scream But my friend is soon front of mee I will call her and she will be crazy I you want my phone numb ……

  2. I get the quiz show "parody", I'm only wondering what was the purpose of the big red buttons the guys had in front of them since there are quiz shows that don't use such… As for the questions – sure, there were those who not everyone would know (like headlining Coachella). 6:08 – Not knowing which letter comes before X however – not so forgivable. And he got more than 3 seconds, count them down via the video timer 😉

  3. FYI: A "homograph" is a word that has the same spelling as another word but has a different sound and a different meaning (e.g. lead = to go ahead vs. lead = a metal). A "homophone" is a word that has the same sound as another word but is spelled differently and has a different meaning (e.g. two vs. too; wait vs. weight). The most common definition of a "homonym" is the combination of both, thus a word that is spelled and (!) pronounced like another but has a different meaning (e.g. pen = writing instrument vs. pen = fenced area for animals; book = something to read vs. book = make a reservation). How many more examples can you find? ; )

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