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  1. Good video but Guy Fawkes was definitely not born in The Guy Fawkes pub. The building he was born in is not known (and probably no longer exists) but is thought to have more likely been on Stone Gate…

  2. Thaks fot the video 🙂

    But when it's 2 a.m. and you are alone in the room in dormitory so scary to whatch the begging of the viideo 😀
    Fortunatly, the end with chocolate and pudding was so delicious and perfect that I hope I shouldn't worry about any ghots in my wardrobe 😀

  3. So maybe 15 years ago I was sleeping over at my friends house for her birthday party. I was sleeping on the couch and in the middle of the night I heard a noise and when I woke up I saw someone standing in the doorway to the kitchen. It was a women for sure, I just thought it was my friends Aunt because it kind of looked like her (even though the figure was completely black), but the next morning when I told my friend that her Aunt was "watching us sleep" she had said that her Aunt left the day before…. Luckily I didn't know that at the time or else I would have had a meltdown.

  4. Hey guys, I know you've been to Estonia already… but Estonias Old Town has a ghost tour of their own… alomst EVERY building in Old Town has a ghost story or two. The most popular is the white woman. Almost every region in Estonia has their own White Lady, a woman figure who walks the stairs, or sings lullaby's or looking out the window.
    If you are ever here in Estonia again I recomend finding one of those horror/ghost tours.

  5. I'm not much of a believer, although I love hearing ghost stories. I absolutely believe my friend, who believes, and she told me she once woke up to having an old lady ghost staring her right in the face. Scared the shit out of her. She is way more perceptive than me, and I do believe there are people out there more in tune with the supernatural than others.

  6. I used to work in a place called Bowman Cottage (1820) and it houses a tea room and the local Parks and Wildlife office. I worked in the tea room and occasionally upstairs covering library books. I had a few ghostly experiences working there. The first happened whilst in the kitchen on a very quiet day as I was making scones and damper when I felt a presence come up behind me and then it felt like a hand on my shoulder and when I turned around no one was there. My manager also had this happen a few times and said it was the ghost was checking up on what we were cooking that day. The second experience happened whilst walking upstairs to fetch something etc when I felt a sort of breezy presence pass me quickly on the stairs (they were creaky and horrible to walk up and down to begin with) I was told after that experience that a woman fell down the stairs on her wedding day/night.

  7. York is so gorgeous! I love it there. The one experience that stands out most to me was actually on a ghost walk in Edinburgh, which I wasn't expecting. I went into this ghost walk like, ok it'll be spooky and they'll play tricks on us but nothing will happen. A few weird things happened (scratches and seeing this little boy with a couple who turned out to not have a kid) we were in this random tomb where they were telling us about another part of the graveyard and all of a sudden I got cold from the inside out, if that makes sense? And I literally couldn't move. Like, I was trying to step back and I couldn't move my legs or feet at all. They ended up having to pull me out because I was crying so much. I had an overwhelming feeling of sadness and was terrified because I couldn't move. I'll never be going back there again :') Another fab video, boys!

  8. Aww loved this! (obv) …it's a pity the most haunted/oldest house in York isn't open to the public anymore! I used to LOVE going there. So freaky. The TV turning on was just…Poltergeist.

  9. You guys seriously,,,,,,, BEST job in the world ! My ghost story.. In a condo we lived in a few years ago. Loft upstairs. We would hear LOTS of noises in the night. Sounds of basketballs bouncing, pipes clanging, a bolt of lightning struck our patio one night. And the tv glowed without being turned on ! (with no storms in the area). Glass breaking downstairs (nothing there upon investigation) . I had a fav. Spatula for grilling (I am a chef ) came up missing for like a month,,, and then one morning opened the drawer and it was sitting right on top ! Thankfully the ghost stayed there when we moved !!

  10. I have no idea what I would do if I had a paranormal experience. I have enough trouble sleeping out in the woods with my active imagination. If I did have something like that happen to me, though, that's literally all I would ever talk about for the rest of my life, haha

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