The Voice 2018 – Trận đánh: Jamella vs Teana, Bransen vs Jaron, Johnny vs Megan


Jamella chiến đấu với Teana Boston về "Bạn sẽ vẫn yêu tôi ngày mai," Bransen Ireland chiến đấu Jaron Strom về "Head Over Boots" và Johnny Bliss …


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  1. I'm still waiting on Blake's team breakthrough battle. I think it's gonna happen between Pryor/Kaleb or Spensha/Dallas. And I can't wait for Blake to steal Molly from Kelly since she paired him with Justin. Man, I'd be ecstatic if he stole her cuz man Kelly fought hard for her on the blinds and she's gonna go with Blake. But Justin is just to good to pass up. Kelly has a shot of winning with him.

  2. Why was Johnny Bliss vs Megan Lee Montaged? Like Johnny Bliss had a block used on him and is obviously a frontrunner and jacket taken off? ENTERTAINMENT! Not only that But Megan Lee ALREADY got montaged in the auditions! Super sad I didn't even get to hear ONE single performance from her.

  3. Quit complaining about montaging Asians. They don't montage you if you're good. See Kathrina Feigh, Maharaysi, Gaby Borromeo, and Anatalia Villaranda from the two last seasons alone. And oh yeah: Tessanne Chin.

  4. Why Megan Lee? Why?! She looked so good on that stage! Her outfit!! I’m so bummed. At least show her once! Let her voice be heard! Keep fighting Megan! You’re a star!…..Unfortunately this is how these shows work. They pick who they want to showcase and have these sad stories about them and kinda guide the voters on who to vote for who the producers want to win. We don’t need sob stories anymore, we just want to hear artists sing!

  5. Megan got montaged again and now she’s gone and we barely got to even hear her. I really don’t want to think NBC is racist but literally every time they do this to the Asian contestants. SMH SMH

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