Tom từ Myspace nói Để lại Facebook


Với giá trị cổ phiếu của Facebook giảm 37 tỷ USD, một cựu chuyên gia truyền thông xã hội nhìn thấy một cơ hội để hồi sinh. Đăng ký "The Late Show" …


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  1. I actually like MySpace better. Back then you relied on a variety of themes and codes to change the look. And if you wanted to know things about people you looked into it, not have it appear in your face nonstop with countless feeds.

    Facebook drama had nothing on “Top Friends Placement” drama.

    I recently logged on to an entirely new look and music and etc and it felt so chilled. FB may be crazy popular and obnoxious but MySpace is where it's at. You had privacy.

  2. I always liked myspace so much better. I loved having a page u could customized fully and even have music on there. Then u got to facebook, where everything is shades of white and blue boring-ness.

  3. I have tried to cancel my FB account, every since Trump became president, but my account is still active. It is frustrating, because people keep coming up to me and asking why I don't respond to them on FB, or why I have UNFRIENDED them. ARRRRGHH! I don't want to be apart of their Right Wing 3rd Reich Utopian Future.

  4. This is so fucking typical! People get all pissy and rant over the fact that facebook sells their data to third parties, but this was widely known for ages! Why are people complaining about it now? Remember this: Any website on the internet, that doesen't sell any product to you, or the service that is provided to you is free, you and the data you provide are the product and the capital of this company. These websites like facebook are companies. And just like most other companies all they are interested in is making money! So people if you don't agree with your data and personal information beeing sold to other companies and floating about, then simply don't use such websites. But don't start complaining about after, because all you had to do is actually read the terms and conditions of facebook to easily find out that they don't give a shit about your privacy and personal information.

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