Trump Shuffles Tư vấn pháp lý của mình để Fend Off Mueller


Donald Trump đã tập hợp một 'Nhóm A' để lấy Chuyên gia Tư vấn Robert Mueller. Và định nghĩa về "Đội A" này có nghĩa là … đó là một đội.


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  1. Stephen, I’m disappointed. Vaping has been shown to be at least 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco and the most successful way for smokers to quit a habit that statistically kills one out of every two of them. Scoring cheap shots at something that has the potential to save 1 billion lives is beneath you man, your better than that.

  2. I was kind of hoping this would be the one time I scrolled down and found a comment from that one lady in the audience, perhaps apologizing. Or maybe just laughing so loudly it could break through time, space, and the computer screen to echo onward through the comment section forever….

  3. The High-Pitched Hysterical laughing went up to the pitch that I think it might had bruised her vocal folds! Stephen almost got worried for her after 1:30 ( although through his laughing followed the pitch, I can't tell which one is he worried about more?)

  4. "Whose this Saul guy? He seems to be REALLY good at his job. 'Better call Saul', well, Kelly, call him. Tell him i want to hire the guy. Very competent you see. Real go getter."

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