ASK JEN & BEN || Ep. 3 mối quan hệ liên quốc gia


Đây có thể là đề tài được yêu cầu nhiều nhất của chúng tôi: hẹn hò và kết hôn qua đường hậu môn. Nó không phải dễ dàng trong mối quan hệ với một người của một cuộc đua khác nhau …


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  1. New to your channel and LOVE this!!! You and Ben seem to be such grounded and wonderful people! Yes, you might come from very different cultures, but there is such a deeper connection beyond just the skin colors. So much respect for your relationship. ?❤️?

  2. I am a Malay asian with white husband and we have been married for almost ten years with 3 kids. My husband is open about trying new things like food and culture so we did not have any issues in that area but coming here for me was an eye opener, I have a little issues when I first got here like the way there say something and then it means another thing. I fell in love with him for who he is and I did not see anything else. There were objection on my side but I am the sort to listen to my own decision because it's my life and no one else. We are still blissfully in love and we are taking this journey one step at a time. Stay blessed. 🙂

  3. I’m Taiwanese American (first gen) married to a white guy (half Sicilian, half German/Irish). I can relate to so many things you guys are saying, especially since we met at 18/19 and are now 29/30. I cannot believe how much our society still hasn’t progressed to this day.

  4. I can somewhat relate! I'm also Korean, born in the US, parents moved here from S.Korea, and my husband is "white" 🙂 Actually also German & Irish (& Scottish & English). The only difference is that I had aunts & uncles marry white people and I have mixed cousins, so nobody blinked an eye when I brought home my first boyfriend (who was also white) and my second boyfriend/now husband. His family also seemed accepting of me (I'm sure it helped that he had a cousin marry a filipino guy). And my family and relatives have always loved him. Like your mom, my mom has been calling him "her son" before we were even engaged. He loved Korean food from Day 1; his absolute favorite is obviously Korean BBQ! It was nice to hear your story and how it differed from mine 🙂

  5. Am I the only one who finds the coincidence sooooo weird that the youtuber Jenn Im (pretty much same name as Jen) is also Korean American who has millions of subscribers and also has a white boyfriend called Ben……?!

  6. It's so sweet and admirable that Ben really made an effort to embrace her culture (taking Korean language class, learning to love the food, and learning all the subtleties of her culture.) He's a gem, Jenn!

  7. I’m so blessed to have found your channel! I not only loved your tutorials for monolids, but now I super love that you guys tackled this HUGE topic!
    I am in an interracial relationship too! Almost 10 yrs!
    However I’ve been in, what I call, ‘the paper bag era’. Which is the result of having grown up in a tiny town and never really gotten out or got to know a large number of Asian people and therefore maintaining a ‘paper bag on my head’ (like putting your head in the sand) kind of mentality. I’m SO FREAKING thankful for finding the community on you tube of Asians talking about this and other racial conversations in America. My eyes and mind are opening and discovering how to think and how I want to feel about these things. I really love the heart and messages you guys represented for this particular topic so much. There’s so much aggravation and frustration one can fall into being where we are, but you guys rise up with grace and humility! ???? So inspired by you two! 고맙습니다!

  8. I LOVED this so much. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. I am white and my husband is Korean, I relate with soooo many of these questions and this video was so helpful! <3 Also congratulations on so many years together <3

  9. Loving this series. Thank you for your openness and honesty.

    My husband and I dated in high school/jr high too and now we’re married.

    We’re 33 too! This year is our 19 year anniversary. Married for 3, dated for 16.

  10. Its nice to hear that you had problems with family trying to set you up with other koreans just like I did. My mom immigrated from Korea and even though I'm in a relationship, my mom still tries to set me up with other koreans.

  11. I love that series and look forward to the next episode 🙂
    I'd love to watch an episode about hobbies ; like how do you guys spend time together as a couple. Do you have common interests? Do you compromise? Etc And how it has evolved throughout the years. Xxx

  12. I’m Chinese originally from Taiwan. My husband is African-American. My mother did not approve of me dating Black men due to stereotype from media and initially caused a lot of friction. It was pretty hurtful, but eventually my husband changed her view.

  13. I have to admit that I have made snap judgement about your relationship, Jenn. I am sorry about that. I just had so many experiences (albeit not my own) where white men fetishize my friends (we are Asian). It is hard to discern those who like you beyond your race. You guys are just a joy to watch and so understanding and supportive of each other. Sending lots of love.

  14. Very well analyzed. Thank u so much for sharing ur experience. With some points that I can really relate to, and some points I may encounter in future. I appreciate how clearly and precisely u have shared ur problems and solutions 🙂

  15. My mom and dad are like Jen and Ben! (White Dad, Korean Mom) In Hawaii this is def more common but I can understand how it may be more of an obstacle in other states, esp when one or both of your parents are first generation.

  16. i am a young asian girl in relationships its hard because of the things us asians expierence. so it was nice seeing this video and having someone to relate to, wish i had an older sister. love u jen!

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