Các Hustle | Jennglebells # 1


Tis mùa và nó có nghĩa là nó là thời gian cho Jennglebells! Trong vlog này, tôi đưa bạn đến New Orleans, 29 phòng cài đặt, hàng năm …


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  1. Your New Orleans trip looked really fun! ^_^ Sorry you were suffering from the sniffles though, probably because of change in climate and being in the swamp. I live in the swamp of southeast Georgia and until you're used to it your allergies and sinuses will go crazy!

  2. Wow my relationship with my brother is so similar to yours. We were best friends throughout our childhood and all of a sudden my older brother stopped talking to me in middle school. I am now 21 and still do not speak to my brother. I hope that one day we reconnect. Thanks for sharing, Jenn.

  3. Hello Jenn I m a subscriber from Korea. I ve been to New orleans last year too! So your video is so exciting to me. It reminds my trip that was amazing❣️ you went to some places where I didnt go ? i should go there again
    Always thank you Jenn❤️ Merry christmas

  4. i've always wanted to visit new orleans!! i also had a similar relationship with my brother, who is a year older than me. i remember we didn't talk to each other at all growing up until like maybe after high school, i'd say now we're the closest we've ever been. i've been thinking of going on a trip with him as well! love you jenn!

  5. while you were talking about the fitness i remembered what my mum said about how she had felt all this time when going to the fitness when we spoke about it
    so she said that she goes bc she has to not because she wants to (ofc her tonus was good and she felt energized after the exercises and stuff but she wanted a change)
    so she's been going to yoga recently rather than fitness and she's been feeling better
    so here's my tip: if you have a time and desire you should try some yoga just for a change and if you don't like it it's okay, Jenn
    i love you so much ?

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