DO NOT WATCH This Monologue


James Corden recaps the news of the day, including reports of President Donald Trump ignoring national security notes before a call with Russian…


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  1. Donald J Trump is the Bottom of " EVERY " Bucket !
    Pig Shit !
    Vomit !
    A Boxer's Spit Bucket !
    Hair teeth and nails ! ( from a Meat Market ) .
    An old persons Shit and Piss and Puss pale !
    Trump is EVERYTHING at the bottom of all these buckets " Combined ! " .
    And he's in the Whitehouse , being Putin's COCK-HOLSTER .

  2. But he's a stable genius . And his daddy got him into Wharton business school, He was Summa Cum Laude x 100 because he's the worlds smartest genius . Just one question who's smarter donald sr or Eric . I didn't forget to capitalize trump's name . For me the capitalization shows some sort of respect .

  3. I'm not a big fan of Trump, but there's no denying that he spelled "council" right ?? I can't believe the team of people behind that joke and James himself didn't catch their mistake. I don't know if "council" is spelled differently in England, so I'll give James the benefit of the doubt (altho I'm pretty sure it's spelled the same there), but honestly who was the guy that laughed their ass off thinking Trump spelled council wrong ?? don't worry, I'll forgive you guys at CBS

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