Embrace Your Inner Child! Làm mới Outlook của bạn | Ingrid Nilsen


"Giữ bàn tay của đứa trẻ sống trong linh hồn của bạn. Đối với đứa trẻ này, không có gì là không thể." – Paulo Coelho Cảm ơn vua về tài trợ …


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  1. Thank you all so much for watching!!! I had so much fun filming this video, so I hope you love it! ALSO… I have loved all of the screenshots of you seeing my avatar while playing Bubble Witch! Send them to me on Twitter + Insta if you see me! <3

  2. I love this video! I'm still constantly rereading all my favorite books from my childhood and playing games like Pokémon, yet I've also been really successful in my education and with my professional life, so just because you're still very much a kid doesn't mean you're not also killing it as an "adult"! If anything, those childhood books remind me of who I am and inspire me to work harder at my studies and internships

  3. I don't know why people have to refer to this as "inner child." As far as I'm concerned, you're continuing to be the same person you've always been.

    I make it a point to avoid being around fuddy duddies who forget what it's like to be young and always refer to themselves as "an old person" Incorporating things from the past is cool but eeryone should stay hip to the trends and things going on in the world.

  4. I'm about to go on vacation and we have to go grocery shopping since we're staying in a timeshare. I'm totally getting cereal now!! Also, going outside with no shoes is really good for the body. We're always so afraid of germs and bacteria, but the bacteria from nature helps our immune system. Thank you for encouraging it even though I'm not sure if you knew the benefits. I love this video so much ^_^

  5. I run outside barefoot in our backyard with my dog almost every day now that the weather has been getting nicer. We play fetch and lay down and get up and play again. I'm 20 years old and you're right, it is very freeing. And it's fun for my active boy too 🙂

  6. I love you Ingrid but I feel like every video now is an ad for something….i don't want to be sold to every time I watch a video which sucks cause I usually LOVE your original content

  7. When i was a kid, my all time favorite cereal was the TRIX with their crazy fruit shapes! I really miss it. ?The current trix cereal is just plain and boring but it still taste awesome though. ?

  8. I have loved the same things since I was like 5 lol..I still play Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 and love it to this day. I love cartoons. I love Harry Potter. I am super excited about the Samurai Jack comeback!! Im loving it so far. I watch old Barbie and Disney movies I loved with my daughter. I am only 19 so I guess Im still pretty young but I know I will love the things I hold close to my heart forever. They made me who I am☺❤

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