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James mời khách của mình Drew Barrymore và John Boyega cho một trò chơi của Spill Your Guts, nơi mà mỗi người trong số họ được đặt ra với cả một thực phẩm ghê tởm, …


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  1. Haha can't believe he stole a candle from Mariah Carey's house. That's classic. By the way can't wait for her new album this year. When she does promo for it she might not show up on his show to perform now after this haha.

  2. Guys, what she meant is how good is the actor behind scene. Its mean that, for example, Jake may have to try 10 times before his acting scene is accepted by the director meanwhile Hugh or Adam may only need to try it once or less than 10. Only people behind the scene know how good an actor or actress really is. Of course they all look great on tv. They have to practice and try it. The question is: how quick can they "get in" their character and how well is it. The director know best of course.

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