Mark Zuckerberg đang im lặng giữa chuyện Scandal về Riêng tư của Facebook


Đối mặt với viễn cảnh người dùng xóa ứng dụng trên Facebook của họ qua vụ bê bối Cambridge Analytica, đồng sáng lập Mark Zuckerberg đã ban hành một bộ …


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  1. About this so-called 'scandal': READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE BEFORE AGREEING!!!!!!! The Facebook TOS has ALWAYS contained a section where they explain that when you sign up, you give Facebook the right to sell all of your data. That's the reason why I've never signed up, myself. This isn't as much a scandal as it is people not reading the fine print if they sign up for something. Southpark warned you all. "WHY WON'T IT READ?!?"

  2. But seriously, we need to be careful about our privacy and data. Idk if they’re working on laws right now about this stuff but it can get very bad very soon if we aren’t careful.

  3. This is different from what the internet does already how? You know they target Ads at you all the time right? Google search random shit like say, "tile installation, tile installers near me, local tile retailers" a few times and see how may fucking tile and contractor adds you see just appear on your computer.

  4. Not defending facebook but we all know every social media out there
    is a window to one's personal life (if privacy is even a real thing on the
    21st century), it's the way governments spy on us because well,
    we hand the information away so easily; so yeah I'm not that surpri-sed
    this came to light.

  5. Yeah.. but they did the same thing though for Obama's second Run and there was no problem, even PM May agreed to work wit Cambridge Analitica before her last blunder of the UK elections..! Is everyone Really so stunned that Facebook Is passing through All your data? The CIA stood before the US Congress a few years ago while defending their actions as lawful, quoting that " they would've never thought people would give out ALL their preferences & alliances!" So the company worked under the umbrella of Intel gathering since a year after its inception! Were people asleep the whole time? Would we even hear about C.A. or Facebook now if The Democratic Party would have won the US Presidential election? I really don't think so..So, you have to tell all if you want to uncover the "bad" actors.. whichever your stance on privacy or politics are..

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