Que Tan của Tan France Take Pete Davidson Mua sắm – SNL


Tan France của Queer Eye cho thấy Pete Davidson làm thế nào để bước lên phong cách của mình để đi chơi với bạn gái và gia đình của mình. #SNL # SNL43 Nhận thêm SNL: …


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  1. ok…i have so many feelings after watching this.  first, "i dont even have mirrors in my house, cuz i dont like my face."  so sad.  that is just so sad, it truly hurts my heart to hear that from him.  second, he should not wear a single jakcet or shirt they gave him, from the graphic tee to the jean jacket.  ever.  not even once should he wear those articles of clothing.  terrible.

  2. Pete’s tall and slim and could look great in anything but he has to work on his posture. If he held himself up confidently then he would look amazing.
    He has a very nice face: beautiful features.
    Enough with the self-pity, you’re hot!

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