Trump chúc mừng ông Putin tự chọn mình


Donald Trump sử dụng 'Phone-a-Friend' của mình để chúc mừng Vladimir Putin về việc giành chiến thắng tại cuộc bầu cử ở Nga. Theo dõi kênh "The Late Show" …


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  1. As always people focus on the wrong side of this news. Who cares that Trump congratulated Putin? They should ask what Trump said to him considering the Skripal terror attack in the UK. This was their first call after the incident. This is what really matters. That's a frickin big deal!

  2. (A) CODE RED CODE RED Donald Trump just did the unthinkable
    (B) WHat did he do?
    (A) He congratulated Vladimir Putin
    (B) Oh jesus christ! what am I gonna do! my cold war mentality is melting away

  3. I like this show, and Stephen Colbert, but calling Russian President a murderous dictator while living in the US whom staged most of the wars all around the world the last 15 years. Therefore killing thousands of civilians in the process for false claim, is just completely insane. YOU live in a murderous country, it's just that Hollywood makes you think the russian and the Iranians are the bad guys. But last time I checked, Iran and Russia were not part of 90% of the conflict abroad, and they dont nuke hospitals in Yemen, Afghanistan etc… Or invade a country on false proof like Iraq… Please be real guys. You know you are the bad guys and you know how many thousand innocent you killed. Even Kim Jong Un didn't kill as much as you do in 1 month, and still, you make them appear like "the devil himself". USA is a fucking joke seriously… I am stunned that people still dont see that clearly…

  4. Honestly, I voted against McCain and now I can't believe that he is a beacon of light to guide people through this misery of a Presidency. I never thought I'd say Thank God for John McCain.

  5. There's a HUGE difference between Obama eloquence we can have faith in and Trumpster LUNACY that stops making sense after two sentences, Trumspter LUNACY that is self-serving, Trumpster LUNACY that is ignorant and uninformed. A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

  6. And the smoke bomb can also be a metaphor about blowing the small hands and minds of trump voters since at the end he destroyed any claims they could make about him being partisan or not giving the facts.

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