UD Nhiệt Nắng VS. Tarte Toasted Palette | Thử nghiệm & So sánh


Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Đây là một video mà tôi chỉ cho bạn swatches & so sánh UD Heat Palette với NEW Tarte Toasted Palette! Tôi hi vọng bạn…


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  1. Kathleen I love this video and I love you! You are amazing and I don’t think anybody is able to do their eyes as perfectly as you ❤️ your so down to earth and fun and informative to watch! I purchased the naked pallet however I am but nut-so like you and wouldn’t mind purchasing the tarte pallet as I am a tarte fan as well. Hey can never have enough makeup.

  2. Love my ud naked heat :)! Furthermore I can't get my hands on tarte ( damn shipping laws in my country and hella expensive to ship here) but still I love this palette so much !

  3. Pls do a tutorial on ur look here ? i have the tartelette toasted palette and ive been looking through tutorials on youtube. But your look here is just something different from the others. Pls pls ?????

  4. I don't know about UD palettes, but I find with Tarte palettes the subtle nuances of pink or red disappear after a couple of hours. Like what looks like a purply burgundy smokey eye will just look brown in 2 hrs. Same goes for pink-y hues. Def no staying power with Tarte.

  5. So I just clicked on this video and now I’m not even halfway through the video and I would just like to point out that both of the pallets were very pricy and they were pretty close in price , the tartlets eyeshadow is less expensive so I bought it , I wanted the naked heat for sooo long but I couldn’t afford it , am I going to regret this purchase because so far I find the tattlete eyeshadow pallet good.

  6. I bought both, but haven't used either one yet haha. I do like the colors in the tarte pallete more though. They are more pigmented and have more shimmer, not as matte as the urban decay naked heat pallete.

  7. I just got the heat pallet and no regrets! It has all the colors I’ve ever wanted in a palette. I’ve got a delicious Smokey ish eye going on and I’m in Love!! I already love it more than my modern renaissance pallet.. don’t kill me ?

  8. Your top is so cute! I never have the patience to even look in Forever 21 because everything is so packed tight and since there's an escalator in the store for whatever reason the whole store makes me feel like I'm about to pass out cold. But man I would love to have that top you are wearing!

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