Ellen Pompeo về Chiến đấu vì Bình đẳng


Ellen Pompeo đã nói chuyện với Ellen về tầm quan trọng của sự bình đẳng ở Hollywood, và khuyến khích tất cả phụ nữ đấu tranh giành chỗ ngồi tại bàn. "Màu xám của …


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  1. You know, I was just watching an Interview of one of the greatest women alive, and then a spoiler for my favorite TV show just sprung in my face. Thank you all. >.< YOU COULD'VE JUST WROTE 'SPOILER' IN THE FREAKING TITLE!

  2. I don't blame Ellen for the whole Sarah and Jessica thing, but their reasoning just doesn't sound right. They just started a great storyline with Sarah's character that everyone was interested in. Now they are going to cut that short and kick Sarah off the show because they can't think of a storyline?

  3. Can’t believe you’re blaming a woman who’s been working hard during 14 seasons and now she’s getting paid better because of her efforts when the writers are the ones who decide who stays or leaves. She just goes to work and gets paid. Why are you being so intolerant, mean and stupid?

  4. I'm not an american so i always thought that of course there is an equal pay for the both genders , it didn't even cross my mind but i lately find out about it and i was shocked because i didn't think that in the country of human rights that represents an issue , so i tried to understand why and i read some articals that explain that males have the skill to negociate wages much better than females do . And that makes even more confused .

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