Thực tế Roma ở Romania


Roma là một phần của hình ảnh Romania mà ban giám khảo mong muốn sẽ biến mất. (Thuật ngữ "Cướp biển", trước đây từng là tên phổ biến cho …


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  1. Rick Steves, please don't ruin the image of our country by bringing false information! Gypsies (Roma) are not a a big part of Romania, they are just one of the minorities, like many other: Hungarians, Russians, Turks etc. I appreciate very much your work and I have watched almost all the episodes you have posted here. Please, get your facts straight, do some research, read about Romania's history and don't destroy the image of this beautiful country, more than has already been destroyed by ignorant people!

  2. Hello Rick! In the first place congratulations to you and your team for opening our eyes to what is Europe, her history and infrastructure! These two are demolished in Greece where I live! I systematically watch your videos, especially those that aren't very long (up to 10 min).
      I have a different view on the subject. If I go to live in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the like and I don't "fit" there, I'll return to my home country! I won't be a foreign body (an enemy)! There are Roma in Greece too, who are joined by Roma from Albania, Bulgaria and Romania! Basically they practice two "professions": Men steal and women are beggars! They have invaded my plot of land six times! If I catch them, I'll cut them to pieces with my mattock! I'll be on the headlines for one month! The root of all evil is the Greek state, the greatest disorderly house there is, that turns a blind eye to their behavior. (It takes a thief to support a thief!)

  3. It is sad that all you represented about Romania was a gypsy family in poverty , when Romania has had an amazing rich educated culture till the communist came and destroyed it all, maybe this was a good show for Americans to see what their world may look like in the future !!!

  4. *Inuit: like the word Gypsy, Eskimo is derogatory–and here in Canada, the word Indian is derogatory when referring to indigenous peoples (which we call First Nations–unless they're Métis or Inuit), though I think it's less so in the States.

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