Tôi rất vui mừng khi được mời tới Paris để tham dự Ngày Quốc tế Cô gái Hội nghị thượng đỉnh! Tôi là một nửa của podcast phụ nữ! MỚI…


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  1. The description of an activist was so on point ☝️. That's the way I see me as a vegan activist. People don't want to hear it, because it makes them feel uncomfortable. But you have to spread to message to make a change, because people have to leave their bubble.

  2. this video made me so happy! youre such an inspiration to so many of us, please keep doing what you do and dont let the negativity get you down. youre so incredibly strong, brave, and genuine and ive always loved your videos so much! hope youre doing well ingrid <3

  3. What pisses me off is all the feminists touting around acting like men are never raped and men's issues don't matter because men are "always in positions of power" over women and can "never" be abused…

  4. Ingrid I would absolutely love a whole video on online abuse and sexism. Your words are so concise and powerful and I think that’s an amazing way to use your platform for good! ❤️ inspiring as always

  5. A month ago I started working as a graphic designer for a project that an organization called SoyMujer (I'm a woman) here in Venezuela is leading to train young girls in not so good neighborhoods, in web programming and app creation. Actually the US embassy is sponsoring us :). It's been eye opening and I'm so excited and proud to be part of this team.
    Thought it was funny you posted this in just my first month working here 🙂 <3

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