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  1. Trump imposed tariffs on many Chinese goods, but there's one area Trump has yet and will never impose tariffs on: that's Ivanka's clothing line in China. Figures, huh? The guy who campaigned on "drain the swamp" turns out to be the swampiest of them all, I love the irony!

  2. fucking lame. if you knee anything, youd know china was ripping us off and already charging outrageous prices. china needs our consumership more than we need them. we dont need them at all, in fact, we'd be better without china, just like comedy would be better without libtards like steven and amy

  3. Thank you to all the idiots who voted for him. His base don’t even care and it won’t matter to them. They’ve probably got 2 dishwashers, a rusted car and some plumbing lying in their backyard for decades.

  4. Murica be like: Let's invade every country and nuke them.
    Murica later: You want to do what with our prices?! Are you insane, "dear murifats, we are losing an economical war with china, it has nothing to do with us wasting bilions on weapons of mass destruction, oops. I mean weapons on nuking countries like Iran. Nobody should ever get the upper hand like that. Therefor China will pay.

  5. i just dont get it ….from what i understand , we arnt stopping selling stuff or buying stuff….were just hiking taxes cuz china screwed us ? and chinas story is there not stopping trading with us….there just hiking taxes cuz we screw them ? ……so whos screwing who and why dont we just stop trade completely and start new ? ….i know thats an overly simple way of thinking about things but …..i just dont get this at all cuz i dont see the numbers……if a bully takes your lunch money, you dont say hey im gona shove the quarters up my butt so you have to touch butt quarters… just ….fight or get help. you dont tell the bully what your gona do and hope they get grossed out ….you will never get those quarters david. ever.

  6. I wonder how many of those people who were not interested in voting, will suddenly be interested in voting once they see all their favourite electrical items cost 10 times more. Latest iPhone and Android phones cost $10k? Laptops and big screen TV's over $10k? Better get out and vote next time! With any luck, if this madness lasts too long, we might see a shift back to Japan and Korea for electrical item manufacturing. Might be a little more expensive, but quality will go back up again.

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