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Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Tôi hy vọng bạn thích video này! Cảm ơn vì đã xem! xoxo! Những gì tôi mang: Top: Forever 21 Earrings: MyPieces Boutique …


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  1. I think you just have a wider feet compared to the "Westerners". In Asia, our feet are generally like yours, and many, like myself, have much wider feet. I'm unable to wear any thin straps because my feet would just burst out. Your feet is really fine. And btw, I'm in love with the Coach shoes <3 It's so my style!

  2. Hi Kathleen! I wanted to start by saying that I love your videos. I think you're really beautiful and I'm glad you didn't let negative comments stop you from making this video. I get curious about people's different styles. I also wanted to add I have my nail technician license and I've given many pedicures. I think your toes and knees are beautiful. Anyway. I'm a big fan and I'm excited to see what vids you do next. I hope you have a great day. ?✨??

  3. I realize this video is old and I'm way behind the times, but I just wanted to say that your toes and knees are adorable. I know it can be difficult to show your body off if you are self conscious about it, so I'm glad that you had the courage to make a video like this. Also I LOVE how excited your dogs were, and that they wanted to be involved in what you were doing!

  4. Gurl Fuck all the ppl that have something to say about
    Your knees, they are cute
    Your feet, they are cute
    Your shoe collection, it's your money and you work for it fuck em
    The size of your shoes, if they fit comfortably on you… I am sure they are the ones walking around with their toes and heels hanging off the front and back of their shoes…
    How you walk, everyone would struggle a bit on hardwood floors trying to stay in view and showcase a shoe… shit I can't walk hardly at all in heels but I wear them cuz I fucking can!
    Or question your comment about what your self conscious about, your feelings are valid no matter what others say feel or think!

    Keep lighting up life Kathleen Lights! The haters are here to stay unfortunately, because you are successful and chasing your dreams… people should work hard to get what they want out of life instead of being envious, nasty, judgmental pricks!

  5. Kathleen, you need to stop worrying about what everyone thinks. you deserve everything you have, you work for it, so enjoy. and remember there are people out there that will always say thing that are hurt full. just think to yourself that they just want to hurt you. Be strong.

  6. Kathleen, you are a gorgeous girl, and the only reason people are negative towards you is because you have something they don't. Be proud of yourself. Never stoop to anyone else's level. You are higher than all of them. You're amazing! just remember that. and hey if you didnt have haters, you wouldnt be doing it right

  7. Suchh an amazingggg collection kathleen just loved the video like always ❤️❤️ and nothings wrong with ur toes and feet.. And and u r lookinggggg sooososoooo dammm cuteeeee ur hair n make upp ????????awsomeeeeeee awsomeeeeeee awsomeeeeeeeee iam in love with that lipstick shade???? and lovee uu kathleen ❤️

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