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Người leo núi chuyên nghiệp Timmy O'Neill đưa ra những lời khuyên hữu ích về làm thế nào để vượt qua cơn ác mộng đêm ở vùng hoang dã.
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  1. Always when going outdoors, even for a day hike carry a light Backpack with:

    – Hat or baseball cup.
    – Rain poncho (Serves also as a tarp and a rain water collector).
    – Enough water and a small water filter (Like the sawyer mini or Aquaria filtration system).
    – Metal container.
    – Thermal Mylar blanket.
    – First aid kit.
    – Polartec (Fleece) jacket.
    – Bic Lighther and a tea candle.
    – Flashlight.
    – 30 feet (or more) of Paracord.
    – Fully charged cell phone and back up battery charger.
    – Trail mix or energy bar.

  2. All that kissing is for MOISTURE EXCHANGE ONLY. Cannot stress that enough. I don't know why me and Bill keep getting lost overnight in the Brokeback Hills, Gina.. I guess we just need more practice weekends to get it right.

  3. In alternative take one or two of these aluminium blankets (quite cheap, small and very light) or emergency sleeping bags with you. Still uncomfotable, but a good protection against cold weather and wind.

  4. since this was basically CLIF paying some guy to talk about some stuff, heres some keys if you're average stuck out in wild person.
    1. life straw, for water.
    2. find wind block(rocks, trees, etc)
    3. pack warm, pack extra food and water, this is obvious, make sure it isn't perishable overnight(like an eggplant entree for example, instead bring a can of green beans.)
    4. it's only 24 hours, don't be so stupid and plan better next time.

  5. Lolol wut. Basically lay on a rope and excercise all night and hope you don't freeze. Don't go into the wild if you're without at least minimal shelter building tools and ability.

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