Taco Thứ ba TRẢI sống Stream! Tất cả về mối quan hệ | Ingrid Nilsen


Tôi đang làm tacos và margs với fave đám cưới đồng tính của tôi! Mọi người đều được chào đón ❤ Hãy hỏi chúng tôi về các mối quan hệ trong cuộc trò chuyện HO ORC sử dụng …


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  1. No no no, please say you are not supporting Planned Parenthood??? I believe you to be a goodhearted person who cares about the weak amongst us? The voiceless need a voice, speak for the unborn, just like you speak for rescue dogs. Please.

  2. i adore this format and casual sort of talking about these topics. they're things that everyone needs to hear!

    this part of the comment is completely off topic and ridiculous, but it made me giggle to see how intense the lighting / saturation is in these videos — the lettuce and avocado are white / cream colored instead of green lol

  3. First, this seems like a spin off of your ex-GF's cooking channel except not as fun… no offense to your guests.  I would think cooking and drinking would be the last choice for content.  Secondly as a Christian the bible is clear about same sex relationships.  However, it's not for Christian's to judge and we are expected to love all, even those who come against us, which none of us are immune to.  How we choose to live our lives is between us and God and no one is perfect.

  4. Hey Ingrid! Love these videos so much. I have something to say though… Recently there has been a lot of news about LGBT+ videos being filtered out under restricted mode. How do you feel about this? Will you speak out about it? How about everyone else here? Hopefully Youtube will apologize and fix it soon. 🙁

  5. lol the fact your friend's cousin told her there is no gay community in Korea is so LOL… i am a straight, white woman living in London and I went to Seoul for work and went out with a friend for drinks but they are everywhere and it's awesome… he lives in Seoul and is part of the drag community…that person must walk around with their eyes closed!

  6. well, I will never be able to see you live because of the time zone but you are awesome anyway so yeah, I just wanted to say thank you for doing this. you are awesome and I hope that you have a lot of happiness in your life 🙂 you are really helping others with all these topics and videos

  7. So glad you had this live stream, unfortunately I was not able to watch this live. Hopefully I will be able to watch the next one live. I really enjoy the content of it. btw your makeup looked amazing. ?

  8. Michelle – Thank you so much for sharing your story and for being so vulnerable. Ingrid – Thank you for hosting such wonderful people! I love the Taco Tues-gays! Seeing more LGBTQ content on your channel makes me so happy!

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