Tháng mười hai yêu thích năm 2017


Hoàn thành một số kết thúc lỏng lẻo từ năm 2017 và nói về các mục yêu thích cuối cùng của năm. —————————————- Đăng ký và …


22 Nhận xét

  1. I was wondering where you got your name necklace from! I love the size and the font ❤️ have been watching your videos since your channel had a lot fewer subscribers, it’s the first time I’ve commented, and I just wanted to say how proud to witness the journey you have been on! Love you Jenn!

  2. Late, to the party but here I go anyway. Something that inspired me recently is the feeling of release (if that makes sense). That I learned from getting in touch with two of my closest friends after a long time of not seeing each other. Just letting things fade into the past while treasuring the lessons was such a huge eye opener. I carried so much guilt for a long time but that pity party is over. Anyway, always loved the favorites; great work as usual Jenn! *(My vote for the plant is Jammin' you know for Ben-Jammin'.. i'll go away now).

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