Zuck giải thích Facebook Để Quốc hội


Lời khai của Mark Zuckerberg trên Đồi Capitol đã chứng minh một lần và cho tất cả mọi thứ rằng đó là câu hỏi ngu ngốc. Đăng ký "The Late Show" …


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  1. I feel like every time Zuckerberg said "Senator" it was like when you try to stay calm and nice while explaining your granparents how to facetime you on an iPad. Kudos for him keeping it together. I'd have lost my shit with all these stupid questions ^^"

  2. When i was joining face book my late husband told me he would never do that and told me about the data manipulation i told him good i have stuff i need to vibrate across the world….so yeah i am doing it did not know about going into your phone and activating your camara while you are not aware tho…thats wrong

  3. Everyone should have known or at least read that Facebook admitted that it's social platform was a HUGE psychological experiment.. an experiment that entailed seeing how far people would give up their personality, their humanity, their intellectual property rights in exchange for an addicting FREE social platform.. Silicon valley were tricked into believing they were doing good things by providing better "services", more targeted ads that people would like to see as opposed to seeing ads they didn't want.. or really no ads at all.. People would accept being creeped out while chatting in "private message which the name connotates" privacy but isn't private.. and then see ads popping up that indicated keywords within their own conversation to friends.. Of course FB is not liable because in the pursuit of that dopamine hit, we're still supposed to read, "in order to use this app, please click "allow" for app to see your lists of friends/family, their personal data (legally we cannot consent to giving over their data) your birthdate, your profile and be able to post on your wall for everyone else to see)…

  4. i find this whole situation strange.
    Facebook gets exploited by an outside party
    Facebook announces that it will be making additional changes to fix the exploit.
    Facebook gets slammed instead of the outside party.

    Like what the fuck. Everyone knows Facebook harvests their data, Google does it too, how the hell do you think Google can guess what you are trying to search? its collected the data from other people searching it.
    You cant stop Google from doing it either, while Facebook DOES have settings for blocking what data can be received by outside sources, sure it isn't easy to find, but its there.

    Facebook is just being made the scape-goat for america's disapointment that Trump is the President

  5. Why is Facebook offering a Service paid for using data based advertisements, which at least here in Germany was known for years(you agree to their policy signing up), causing such actions?
    Considering there is much less of an outcry over the American government wasting taxpayers money to steal the information of almost everybody in the world, while intentionally weakening global and american cybersecurity, which opens the gates to many serious crimes, providing arguably less benefit to the public than Facebook!

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