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Tweets buổi sáng thứ tư của Tổng thống có thể được mô tả tốt nhất như là một cổ tay khuỷu tay thả xuống cổ họng của ngoại giao. Đăng ký "The Late Show" …


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  1. I don't have an issue with Trump retaliating for Assad using chemical weapons on people. We cannot back down from every attack simply because the enemy is a nuclear power ….well guess what so are we.

  2. 0:45 I'm immediately reminded of all those Looney Tunes shorts where one character says "Gimme the wheel!" and the other character rips the wheel right off the steering column & hands it to the first, thereby rendering steering impossible to both parties.

  3. Wow someone just kill that orange orangutan before he dose start WW3 just because he wants too and millions die. I'm alright if he dies no one will miss Trump that much and to save millions that's a bonus. JFK assassin we need you to do one more job. this time you have some of America's support lol

  4. OMG – This is the leader of our nation making these statements? Someone wake me up please. This can't be real. It's NOT normal, nor is it right. Anyone up there on the hill who can wake up and do something about this shit?

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