Kế hoạch tổng thể của Bannon để đánh bại Robert Mueller


Nhà chiến lược gia cũ của Nhà Trắng dường như đã không ngăn chặn chiến lược của Nhà Trắng. Đăng ký theo kênh "The Late Show" TẠI ĐÂY: …


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  1. I was with Colbert until he started defending affirmative action. Interesting enough, Asians can be victims of racism too, and holding Asians to ridiculously high standards while hold other races (especially Hispanics and African-Americans) to much lower standards certainly qualifies as such.

  2. Look… If Trump and his administration really are innocent, why doesnt he just give them what they want so we can all move on with our lives and not have to listen to his two year old talk of he said/ she said. Seriously… All Trump is doing is stirring the pot and not being president.

  3. Bannon has an agenda, its not the money or the power, but he needs to crawl back into Twumps good books, so he can get his pardon when the time comes. He thinks Twumpoline in the House has loyalty enough? Dream on Bannon…..

  4. Bannon served as a VP for Cambridge Analytica during the Russian collusion, so you know he's scared shitless about being indicted… maybe he should stop poking the Justice Department with a stick… just sayin'……

  5. The people should demand the following in a political overhaul initiative:
    – Elimination of the Electoral College.
    – Elimination of gerrymandering.
    – Elimination of life-time appointments (e.g. judges).
    – Require that all political representatives and candidates display the names and symbols of their principle campaign contributors during all public appearances and debates. This way we can clearly see who we are voting for.
    – Full money-back guarantees on each and every elected official.

    Should help clean things up a tad…

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