Nhà nước Nhà Trắng "Oh My God"


Cho dù đó là lửa ở Trump Tower, cuộc đột kích của Michael Cohen, hoặc ném bom Syria, nhân viên của Nhà Trắng đều có một phản ứng thống nhất. Đăng ký…


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    “Regrets. Hey what are those?
    I barrel forth, without reflection.
    I do what I wanna do.
    Follow my gut and my erection.
    For what is a man?
    What does he tweet?
    Startin a war from his toilet seat
    To scream the things he truly feels
    Between rounds of golf
    And happy meals!
    I let my staff clean up the chap(?)
    And do it Trump’s way!”

  2. Loser, Trump did nothing but out smarted her. Can't wait until you are all washed up..if you have a following speak like an adult…oh wow I with the in crowd..may you pay for your Dems rain.you guys, MSM Hollywood lost half there audience..no one knows the fuckinv truth but Trump gave up his life to fight the elites

  3. Every time he makes a public edict, he expects it to happen right then.. like a spoiled child wanting something right then.. like a dictator… he has no knowledge of what it takes for troops to pack up and leave.. they have equipment that cannot be left behind.. support teams that cannot be left behind without protection.. etc.. It's just magic to him.. and he has the short wand..

  4. Most rats flee sinking ships. The blind and old ones die in it. That's a perfect metaphor for this administration. I wonder how it feels to defend a president that can be so easily compared to rats. Anyone still defending trump at this point should be declared legally brain dead.

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