Rò rỉ từ Cuốn sách của Comey Và Tháp Trump Doorman


Yêu cầu một giám đốc FBI ngồi về Kremlin 'kompromat' hoặc một tin đồn với một quản gia có thể là câu chuyện dẫn đầu cho một số ghế tổng thống, nhưng …


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  1. It’s kinda funny, even if there was a tape, and everyone could see Trump jacking it to Russian hookers peeing on a bed Obama slept on, it wouldn’t change a damn thing. His base has turned into full-on supporters of authoritarianism and there truly is nothing that will get them to stop supporting him. Hell, he could divorce Melania and marry Hillary and they’d all clamor to be invited to the wedding.

  2. Comey just confirmed in his hearing that america, yep america, was and is behind the terrorists groups in syria.

    Shows you the truth is behind russia.

    America is the pure evil that brought hell on earth to middle east.

  3. Yeah, if you don't want to bring attention to a tape you don't think exists then the best thing to do is not bring it to the attention of the former FBI head to investigate it. Out of sight, out of mind.

    So conclusion: There's definitely a tape.

  4. When Trump fired Comey he knew
    His Russian probe worries were through
    But Trump couldn't win
    'Cause Mueller stepped in
    He said, "I'm replaceable, too"

    Most of the country's elated
    'Cause Mike Cohen's office got raided
    But Donald is furious,
    Says the raid's spurious
    Does he know how much he is hated?

    "The feds broke in," Donald whined
    It's driving him out of his mind
    Why so agitated?
    Should Mueller have waited
    'Til there were no clues left to find?

    Trump harbors such hate in his heart
    He feels we should all do our part:
    Call Bezos a con
    Boycott Amazon
    And claim WaPo readers aren't smart

    Spanky McBonespurs was crying
    It seems he'd been caught again lying
    He said, "I admit
    I make up this shit,
    I do it without even trying"

    The ones walking out were just fired
    The ones walking in were just hired
    They're shipped in a box
    The label says "Fox"
    There's more on the way (Trump's not tired)

    Trump's "University" was a scam
    It put Trump once more in a jam
    Sure, Donald's reptilian
    But twenty-five million
    Makes even rich bastards go "Damn!"

    McMaster done sealed his own fate
    By bad-mouthing Donald's soul mate
    Though his words were true
    Trump gave him the screw
    And that makes America great?

    Trump's secret is Putin's paid trolls
    Their propaganda fooled the polls
    With Trump's sneaky lies
    They tricked the unwise
    Who still choose to act like assholes

    Without any apprehension
    Trump screwed McCabe out of his pension
    He never gets tired
    Of saying "you're fired"
    Or increasing national tension

    Said Donald, "I just had to try it"
    So Stormy got paid to be quiet
    Republicans blamed her
    Evangelists shamed her
    Trump did what he does — he denied it

    Controlling guns seems a lost cause
    The NRA writes its own laws
    Trump plans to do naught
    'Cause his ass is bought
    It's an endless parade of last straws

    Of Putin no ill has Trump spoken
    Such words anyway would be token
    As Trump's critics know
    His bluster's for show
    Vlad's end would leave Donald heartbroken

    What sort of man needs a parade?
    Is this moron in the fourth grade?
    His hour of fun
    Will cost US a ton
    It won't be his money that's paid

    An ass-kissing Fox shill named Hannity
    Takes pleasure in stroking Trump's vanity
    His audience buys
    Each one of Trump's lies
    Thus perpetuating insanity

    Not clapping for Trump is now treason
    A big deal to him for some reason
    He's so full of crap
    Why bother to clap?
    With luck he'll be gone by next season

    Republicans say we're unfair
    For laughing at Donald Trump's hair
    That orange cotton candy
    He thinks looks so dandy
    Came straight from the New York State Fair

    "What sanctions?" Trump asked insincerely
    "The Russians are our allies, clearly
    Obama's just jealous
    Of me and the fellas
    'Cause we love the Motherland dearly"

    Now that the memo's released
    And all of the screaming has ceased
    Those four little pages
    That seemed so outrageous
    Have gone from "the worst" to "the least."

    Melania hated her life
    She didn't like being Trump's wife
    To deal with the man
    She thought up a plan
    Involving scotch, roofies and a knife

    Trump met a young girl named melania
    They went out to dine on Lasagna
    He plied her with liquor
    And told her, "Eat quicker,
    By seven I plan to be on ya"

    "My daughter's a babe," Donald said
    "I can't get her out of my head
    That tight, sexy body –
    God damn, she's a hottie!
    And one day I'll get her in bed"

    While driving his daughter to school
    Trump farted and felt like a fool
    Ivanka said "Dad,
    It really is bad
    I'll just walk from here if that's cool"

    What's up with Sean Hannity's hair?
    Did he mean to put his part there?
    The way that it's cut
    It looks like a butt
    I bet little kids point and stare

    Some leaders like to educate
    While others just pontificate
    But ol' Trump is sly
    And I'll tell you why
    His secret is to obfuscate

    Our president promised a wall
    The neighbors would pay for it all
    But when it came time
    To show us the dime
    All Trump could do was just stall

    A well-to-do nitwit named Trump
    Was a liar, a thief and a chump
    He said "Yes I'm rich,
    The son of a bitch,
    My real name's actually Drumpf

    Keebler Elf Jefferson Sessions
    Had style that just begged bad impressions
    In courtroom confusion
    He copped to collusion
    Which led to more heartfelt confessions

    There once was a VP named Pence
    Whose passion for God was intense
    He called his wife "Mother"
    Had eyes for no other
    And lacked but one thing: common sense

    A filthy rich fat guy named Trump
    Saw his pageant beginning to slump
    His beauty queen cried
    Trump took it in stride
    And canned her when she became plump

    Trump likes to watch hookers go pee pee
    The sparkle and warmth thrills him deeply
    Some may think it's funny
    To pee pee for money
    But most people think it's just creepy

    Stress made Devin Nunes get sick
    Trump told him, "This should do the trick"
    "Hey wait," Devin cried
    "That's pure cyanide!"
    "Don't worry," Trump said, "It works quick."

    "Those bastards have me in a fix,"
    Trump whined, "Democrats are all dicks
    I'm useless, they say
    'Cause I sleep all day
    Please move your hand faster, Ms Hicks"

    Trump's ass was in trouble, no doubt
    He prayed to his god "Help me out"
    But Trump's god is money
    (and this part is funny)
    It turns out his cash has no clout

    Republican voters must wonder
    What sort of a spell are they under?
    Fox News says Trump's cool
    But he's Putin's tool
    Should we have to pay for their blunder?

    When Trump was a boy his dad knew
    He'd grow up to be a prick, too
    Dad said "Cheat your vendors,
    Don't pay back your lenders
    And know that all women want you"

    One morning while thinking up lies
    Trump got an unpleasant surprise
    The ones he deceived
    No longer believed
    They told him "We hate long goodbyes"

    Nunes cried wolf once too often
    With lies even Trump couldn't soften
    So what's Devin worth
    While in Leavenworth?
    Substantially less in his coffin

    American presidents vary
    This new one's a little bit scary
    He lies like a rug
    And steals like a thug
    You think he's dishonest? Yes, very.

    The world thinks we're wimpy," Trump claims
    "We need yuuuge parades and war games
    The world's gotta see
    We're tough, just like me
    Now please finish wiping me, James"

    We can't keep on going this way
    Our plight seems more desperate each day
    I think we all know
    That Trump's got to go
    There's just no time left to delay

    Because he was honest and wise,
    George Washington never told lies
    But now Trump's the guy
    And his lies are why
    All over the world he's despised

    Trump's doc says he's fit as a fiddle
    But I think he's fudging a little
    No doc talks like that
    Plus Trump's crazy fat
    Too fat for a framework that brittle

    All of the president's men
    Run out of mean tricks now and then
    Trump chides them, "You jerks,
    Just go with what works:
    Investigate Clinton again!"

    Trump's mindless supporters don't know
    Their hero's tough act's just for show
    He not only cries
    When critics crack wise,
    He pouts when his way things don't go.

    The closer we get to the facts
    The more freakin' guilty Trump acts
    He thinks we're all dumb
    And under his thumb
    I hope that I'm there when he cracks

    Trump tries to pretend he's not nuts
    His clan plays along for tax cuts
    And Putin's web trolls
    Still act like assholes
    From far off (cuz they got no guts)

    Trump's guilty of serious crimes
    A fact that's been proved many times
    His fans are insistent:
    It's all non-existent
    "Fake news" as one voice the mob chimes

    Trump just can't be bothered with laws
    He scoffs the Emoluments Clause
    Though most folks suspect him
    The brain dead protect him
    At most we've got probable cause

    Kim Jong Un and Trump should be friends
    Upon them our future depends
    They both have weird hair
    But clearly don't care
    They're focussed on how the world ends

  5. >Lead a part of government that helps to take down robbers, arsonists, terrorists, spies, serial killers, serial rapists, sex-traffickers, child molesters, and drug kingpins

    >Says the word 'Lordy' unironically

  6. The President of the United States of America asked the FBI Director to see if the pee pee tape is real to reassure his wife?
    LMAO. The entire World is laughing at America. If you voted for Trump you're a flake.

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