Aubrey Plaza Has Flamenco Dancing In Her Blood


‘Legion’ star Aubrey Plaza comes from a family with a history in flamenco dancing. Subscribe To “The Late Show” Channel HERE:…


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  1. The Latin Casino was just outside Philadelphia. Amazing high dollar place that got all the big names of the time. Was still going into 70's then turned into fancy disco place followed by a amazing punk/new wave bar concert hall still getting the big names of the time. Still there doing something but not the same. Rt 70 in Merchantville NJ across from Garden State Racetrack

  2. Possibly one of the most difficult interviews I’ve seen in a while. Steven had to work really hard for this one. There were moments of brilliance, but he had to pull it out of her. Maybe she is behind on her sleep?

  3. hmm…. don't misunderstand what I'm about to say because I'm a huge fan of Stephen Colbert, but watching his interaction with Aubrey Plaza, as well as his interviews with several other beautiful actresses, makes me kinda think he's severely tempted to cheat on his wife. I really hope I don't find out anything untoward about him in the future. That's really gonna break my heart.

  4. she was really anxious and nervous, doesn't seem like she really enjoys doing this stuff which is understandable. stephen tried his best to move her along or help her in those awkward situations like the horse comment, but it seemed like she is prob too self conscious and was drawing blanks. she just didn't have much too say in response to his questions which i can relate too. still was a pretty funny and awkward converstation. also stephen is sometimes too smart for his guests. i loved the interview stephen did with kevin smith which was perfect cause kevin never seems to stop talking and is really funny and full of ideas so they synced well

  5. She exudes this very tense/intense energy, it's very subtle dark comedy she is putting out there. It's just a character she plays, even when the camera is off. It's all in the eyes, she can be sly at times, but nonetheless enigmatic. Sometimes, it's hard to see the real person underneath. The thing is, she is getting better at it…and is still very pretty….

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