Bệnh Burn Of Trump của Nữ hoàng Elizabeth và Bệnh của Obama


Sự so sánh của Nữ hoàng với Trump lên máy bay trực thăng chỉ là một trong những lời phỉ báng trong album hài hước sắp tới của cô "Royal Beatdown của Nữ hoàng Elizabeth".


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  1. Colbert's expressed this egocentric stance of condoning only Americans' right to criticise Trump. Sorry, but he's a global disgrace we all have to put up with as much as I usually try to click away.

  2. When America stops fucking up shit for everyone and make us stress out about your elections for an entire year, every 4 years, and continue to be a train wreck every moment in between, maybe we'll stop laughing at you.
    The rest of the world

  3. When an American President flies in by helicopter to his ambassador's residence not far from Buckingham Palace, it usually takes 3 or 4 of them (including an Apache gunship). It is VERY loud.
    Anyone who declares himself a world leader gives the world the right to take the piss out of him.

  4. This is where you fail us Colbert. That sick pile of flesh wearing a crown of stolen jewels is the danger to the US, the one that controls all the other Globalists.

    If a little advice can be given? I suggest to not lend credence to others that don't have this countries best interests at heart, and to maybe defend YOUR president. After all Stephen, he is YOUR president, so try to show a tiny bit of patriotism once in a while.

    You still look like Frank Grimes lol.

  5. Drumpf isn't just fucking things up for 'murrka. His shenanigans have an impact on global economy, climate, and military stability, therefore every human no matter where s/he lives on this planet has the right to criticise and make fun of Drumpf.

    'sides, we've been laughing at this shit show since the 2016 election, it's a bit late to try and look away from this train wreck now.

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