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Những con dơi nhỏ để chống lại những kẻ tấn công: một ý tưởng quá điên rồ đến nỗi nó chắc chắn sẽ không hoạt động. Mặc dù điều quan trọng là phải tỏa sáng một cách tiếp cận mới để …


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  1. Oink oink stevieeee????????????????????????????????????????bring in the clowns 1907 team….your ass belongs to them stevieeee but you get MONEY stevieeee wEEEE
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  2. Steven, I apologize for being a jerk, but that was a Mandrill. It used to be considered a baboon but it now has its own genus. Again, sorry for being a jerk! It was really funny though! Also, I'm from PA, and really glad I'm out of school! Though I did have a good arm back in the day!

  3. Might as well give each classroom a strong fire extinguisher, it can temporary make shooter not able to see. Still it's not a good idea … But better than rocks i guess …

  4. What they should do is have a glass box mounted on a wall with a sign reading "In Case of Active Shooter", and when another shooting happens the students can break that box. Oh, by the way, there's nothing inside of it. They'll just be expected to fend off the recently dumped, disenfranchised white guy with military hardware, using the shards of broken glass as makeshift shuriken. Also maybe they could include a little pamphlet from the NRA stating simply: "We here at the NRA apologize for the terror/death you are about to experience, but valuing the privileges of insecure paranoid white people over your lives makes us a shitload of money. Namaste, and remember that this isn't a problem with guns, its a problem with how weak you are against guns."

  5. i think its all stupid and wtf would u give any kind of weapon to a teacher anyway, get ur turds together country over there! BUT! i also think u make light of "mini bats", faster to swing, easier to hit with, useable by everyone.

  6. I think Colbert is funny. But, his writers are deliberately missing the point of the little ball bats and buckets of rocks in order to make fun of them. They are there as a way to get the kids off of the 'defend the classroom' issue by having a token tool of self defense that is no less effective at protecting students than arming teachers with guns. Now the students can move on and get back to learning in the classroom.

  7. I've heard nothing but good things from the left about Canada's gun control laws. Canada's police and security carry Asp's which are like night sticks. So I figure the left would love the bat idea, but you joke about it. This is why hardcore lefties can't be satisfied.

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