Diane Sawyer Interviewed Trump In 1999


Ahead of her upcoming report on ‘My Reality: A Hidden America,’ Diane Sawyer tells Stephen what it was like interviewing a pre-presidential Donald…


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  1. Diane Sawyer is getting interviewed, but she is such a good reporter that she manages to pull that story from Stephen about his older sister getting him interested in politics when he was a kid. Thanks Diane!

  2. Thanks Colbert got the same Watergate lesson I did. I’d come home from elementary school and my mother sat we down to watch and explained why it was important to watch and understand.

  3. Here’s a tip for Diane Sawyer in ref to the Me Too Movement and waitresses: Please make restaurants bear the full responsibility for a server’s paycheck (give them all a livable wage—where I live it’s at least minimum wage of 10+ dollars/hr (no need for tips, but it’s expected still)), rather the consumer by way of tips. Tips propagate sexual harassment! Tipping in general should be terminated; not only do they contribute to sexual harassment, they’re obligatory rather earned or special, they certainly aren’t what they used to be from a historical standpoint, far too many people now expect a tip, tips keep servers in/near the poverty line, tipping and discrimination are hand in hand, kitchen screws up or restaurant in general is poorly and the server “pays” the price in lower tips,…etc. Additionally, I should pay one price…the price of my food—no tip, no service fee…just the sticker price.

  4. I can’t believe people who are trying to silence and under pay woman’s.
    Woman’s are natural caretaker, compassionate, fair, hard workers, detail oriented.. for good sake they are our mothers, sisters, wife’s, daughters, we need to respect them and support them, love them. I want to believe God is a woman. ❤️
    Then we have woman like
    sarah huckabee and kellyanne Conway who are the opposite ??

  5. I am a woman painter and was @ a 5 star hotel in the engineering department and pushed out. Had two managers fired, for multiple reasons, and then continued to be harassed by a third supervisor…had a "soft exit" with the hotel, forced to quit a job I otherwised loved and excelled at. I searched out possible representation and found all the attorneys in the area are members at this hotels golf club, and therefore was impossible and gave up. Hope another woman won't ever have to endure what I went through there. I was working with the security department head things were so bad.

  6. How about this Ms. Sawyer?

    Actually, the US would be better off with a representative government. (Anything else can be gamed, bought and sold.)

    Repubes or Democraps, our politicians are equipped with the morals of gutter cats.

    The problem with republics is the same as with monarchies. After a while, the noble intentions at the start are as dead as the noble individuals which founded the kingdom or the republic. (The methods of creation for either are equally bloody.)

    If we want a representative government, we’ll have to RE-create it. (There were no parties in 1776.)

    If we want smaller government, we'll have to take out the incentives for its growth too.

    The error of (y)our ways is that, despite the evidence of hundreds of years of history, you keep on electing self-selected, self-anointed members of the millionaires club, people who have no understanding of what the lives of the citizens of this country are like.

    That fits in with Einstein's definition of insanity: "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

    Let's examine how the situation has really devolved since the founding of this country.

    We've become a government
    • OF the thousandaires (the 99%, that would be me and thee, [A.K.A. *Nillionaires*])
    • BY the millionaires (the 1%, that would be the extremely insular privileged overlords and bosses,)
    • FOR the billionaires (the 12,400 individuals identified by the IRS as the people who count (though they don't really count as they hire some thousandaires to run machines to do that.)

    How is this different than the political situation that led to the founding of the United States?

    It isn't, really.

    One system had privilege being a condition of one's birth.

    The situation in the United States is the (cess)pool of nobles has expanded to people that the corporations like and are willing to fund.

    The first thing we do is change from an ELECTED to a SELECTED form of government. (In essence sortition. < http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sortition > Yes +Yoram Gat you will get credited from now on. 🙂

    Pick names at random out an eligible citizen pool and they’re stuck with doing the job for one, and only one, four-year term. Sort of like the Jury system.

    There could/should/would be no such thing as a career in politics. (The only thing worse than getting stuck with somebody who didn’t want the job is getting stuck with some idiot who did, figuring it was going to lift him a few rungs up the social/economic ladder.)

    And don't give me that bullshit about average citizens don't know enough about politics.

    Average citizens know right from wrong and are likely to at least read a bill before they sign and pass it on.

    Average citizens know enough to be suspicious and not so venal and blinded by the lure of undeserved re-election.

    Eligibility requirements are:
    • were you born here or are you a naturalized citizen?
    • are you a permanent resident in a village, town or city within our borders?
    • are you above the age of 25?
    • are you healthy enough? (you don't suffer from any clinical health issue(s) or mental impairment(s) which would prevent you from fulfilling your duties?)
    • have you never served in the government before?
    • have you never been found guilty of a violent crime?
    • have you never been found to be clinically insane?

    From +Milton Ragsdale comes a further refinement.
    • can you pass a one-month civics/constitutional boot camp?
    (It is up to individual states on how they select their Congressional representatives.)
    From ? comes a further refinement.
    • You can't have divided loyalties, therefore no dual citizenship.

    Answer yes to all of these questions, you’re eligible for selection.

    Don’t want to be bothered?

    Go live elsewhere or STFU! Or we can always use the carrot and the stick. The carrot is you'd have an interesting job for a few years that would look good on a resume. The stick is that nobody could legally hire you.

    That would get rid of all PACs, K Street lobbyists, a lot of graft, waste, and expense that WE'RE all paying for.

  7. BREAKING NEWS: Colbert does not think impeachment is the best way of dealing with Trump! Everyone should now realize we have elected a completely incompetent man with a dangerous mentality. Impeachment is the most appropriate response to this President, and if Colbert does not think so, then he should stop ridiculing Republicans for inaction. The most responsible thing to do right now is for Republicans to put their country before their politics and prove our Democracy is still functional.

  8. I looooooove Diane Sawyer, such a classy, well spoken, articulate and compassionate person. I miss her on Good Morning America, she and Charlie were main reason for watching. She can interview someone in a respectful and straight forward manner. Her questions were always relevant and quick/ sharp.

  9. As an ex trucker, i know that womans fear. 24 yr old solo driver. My family is full of truckers so its in my blood. My dad warned me about being careful, being that hes been on the road since he was 16, and saud there are many that still see trucking as a mans world, trust yiur instincts and never let anyone in your truck or corner you at truck stops/rest areas. Be alert at all times. Thank God I was never assaulted, im sure i still left myself in situations that it could have happened,but i met some wonderful older guys, mostly from my own company,and even some loading dock & security house guys who i seen alot since i had a dedicated/jit runs that took me under thier wing and made my days trucking something ill fondly remember for the rest of my life. Bless the drivers still keeping it between the ditches, i miss it greatly.

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