Ellen Is Asking You to Do Just This One Thing



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  1. Hey Ellen I never did this before but I think you should check this out ! This link is to a post of what kindness can bring to others ! This Royal legacy pearls Face book page is about purchasing oysters and girls make shows to open them for you ! One girl stands out she is a mom of two veteran and a kind heart ! This is what she did and always been doing and continues to do ! https://www.facebook.com/groups/249324552239870/permalink/357879114717746/

  2. Ok. We will watch all your shows completely, buy all the products that you are selling, download all your apps, donate to your various foundations, send you all the funny pic and videos, try all your challenges, watch all the movies and products that celebrities are trying to sell on your show, drink that bubbly. Anything else do you want us to do?

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