GOP Là Discrediting Comey Với 'Ba C'


Với 'Sự trung thành cao hơn' của James Comey được công bố vào thứ ba, Đảng Cộng hòa đã phát động một cuộc tấn công toàn diện vào giám đốc FBI đã bị bắn chết.


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  1. Damage Control. Creepy Comey has some nerve putting out a book with this title. He's scum, lying about Hillary's supposed email investigation a week before the election. I don't know who helped T-Rex Trump more, Putin or Comey. Both should be locked up next to Totalitarian Trump. Get the book at a library, don't pay this jerk*** for glorifying himself.

  2. Comey compared Trump to a mob boss……well that's not fair. Mob bosses know how to run a casino. Okay that is actually pretty damn funny. We will need these writers during the next world war hahaha.

  3. Yes, because that's what the GOP should be focused on, taking a page from the playbook of Russian chaos agents and slandering political opponents to Trump. Cant fucking wait for November when these vindictive little pricks lose their house of cards.

  4. Another year of america starting wars, without nothing backing it up.

    You should applaud how your military brought hell on earth to syria, backing and training terrorists, to ruin a sovereign country.

    America has nothing to back up there latest bombing campaign. Illegal bombings of a sovereign country.

    America could not stand it, that syria was still standing 7 years after american military started backing and training terrorists in syria.

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