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  1. HEY! your videos look great, but they could SOUND even better! I'd love to do some sound design on your videos to give them an extra POW!! effect. Are you interested in a Sound designer? I can send you my online portfolio.

    Renai x

  2. Hey Ingrid, I love how helpful your videos are, and you look gorgeous! So I'm looking for advice on my skincare routine and what I'm doing wrong, because I'm totally frustrated with myself. I have dry skin, except my nose, which is oily but easily ( and normally) solved with washing my face, or just using hot water. So my entire life, I've never really washed my face everyday, and just recently started a skincare routine because my cheeks are always super red and I get occasional breakouts, so I wanted to even my skin tone and hydrate. All the products I purchased were supposed to be gentle and hydrating, but it ended up irritating my face so that my nose and cheeks produced more oil, and my face just feels tight from dryness and oily on top of that. AND I started to break out. I'm just wondering if you knew how I can calm my skin back to normal, and then maybe improve it. Help me please!

  3. Ingrid, you may wanna try the brand PASJEL. It's a skincare brand from Thailand. I've heard A LOT of good things about it AND to the other Thai skincare brands as well. 🙂 love ya! xoxo

  4. You read it right!that brand is known for using really nice and safe ingredients. Korean ppl are becoming more aware of the ingredients used in skincare products and there is this app korean ppl use before buying any product called "hwa he(화해)" which lists all the ingredient and tell what might be harmful or irritating to certain skin type. I checked on the app and the moisturizer has no harmful chemical in it. I am also using the moisturizers you got. Great for ppl with very sensitive skin.

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