Rome trên một ngân sách | 24 giờ hoàn hảo ở Ý (Hướng dẫn khách truy cập lần đầu)


Rome, Italy là một trong những thành phố mang tính biểu tượng nhất thế giới – làm theo cách của bạn thông qua thành phố có thể là một thách thức, đặc biệt nếu bạn đang ở trong một ngân sách. Tham gia…


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  1. Omg, I hope everything goes well for Carrie and her Italian citizenship :).I am going to Italy this May and stay there for some time while I present all the documents for the Italian citizenship too! So excited haha 😀 In case she needs to know something about a requirement, I am here 🙂

  2. I went to Italy years ago with my mum on a tour package with Titan tours. We went inside the Coliseum in our free time. At the time that we went there was not too many people. & I was awe struck being in there and so was my mum. We both felt like you could feel the presence of the past as though ghosts were there watching us explore. & The Lion pits really made me feel for those poor Lions.  It was not creepy. It was just connecting and special. I loved it inside there.  We saw all the sights in Italy.  It was a great tour and well worth the money. We were going to another tour together.  The food in Italy was the best food I had ever eaten. You can not get Italian food in England like you can Italy. It's just not the same. The best spaghetti bolognaise is in Italy. We had it in Rome. Was the best ever. & Pizza in Italy is the best in the world. & Italian wine is the best too.  I loved your video so very much. Thank you for sharing your 24 hours in Rome. Awesome.  I will look forward to Tuscany. We went there too.

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