Stephen Cập nhật Logo EPA cho Scott Pruitt


Stephen thực hiện một mong muốn trở thành sự thật sau khi Scott Pruitt bày tỏ sự quan tâm trong việc tái hiện một biểu tượng đại diện cho Cơ quan Bảo vệ Môi trường ….


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  1. Scott Prick was a corrupt Attorney general in the stupid state he represented. Now he's taken his corruption to a higher level. His career is dead after Washington. No one will hire this piece of shit again. Karma can be such a bitch!

  2. Prick said he has to fly first class because someone said something rude to him in coach. Besides the stupidity of the statement I wonder how his wife felt on their wedding night when she found out she'd married another woman.

  3. Saying theres too many regulations from government, as republicans often moan, is like saying your employer has too many rules, but being equally honest is not something small men, republicans, do.

    Saying government is too intrusive, as small men often moan, is like your employer pricking you for a blood sample to gain your blood sugar levels, like looking at your urine to determine what they cannot distinguish. The only justifiable urine samples are those of Syrians who have just been gassed with chemical agents, but hey Russia/Russians, no need to talk about it, especially with the FBI probe about to impale Tronald's finances.
    Yeah just threaten war, cause thats what smart people do(not).

  4. Trump seems to have a real talent for picking the most disgusting low-lifes. It suggests that if you are in the Trump Administration, but not under investigation, you are still a low-life but they just haven't gotten around to you yet.

  5. WTFO! It used to be that only SF had challenge coins. Then it spread to the Rangers — then to — well — pretty much anyone in the military or law enforcement. BUT the fucking EPA? And Pruitt wants to screw that up with his own design. Even Bull Simons — an SF legend — wouldn't try to do something like that. And don't get me started on Zinke who thinks he a King and wants his royal flag to fly when he's in the palace of the Interior.

  6. Just to paint a bleak picture, what if there is a WW3 and USA somehow wins it, Tramp will take credit and his views will become law. But since Russia, China, the countries in the Arabic Peninsula are all harsh places, is there really a positive spin?
    Europe seems to be the most neutral, but we're definitely not ready for an all out war.

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